Daisy 5A great way of showing your appreciation to a friend, colleague, or family member is to say thanks with a gift. Of course, you can tell someone thank you or send them a card, but sometimes you want to go that extra step. There are many types of thank you gifts, but some of the top favorites are flowers, a plant, or a special gift item. These types of gifts typically are available in a range of prices to fit all budgets and provide a way to personalize the selection for the recipient.

As a Columbus flower shop, we enjoy helping our customers pick those special thank you items. To provide you with some great ideas, we have listed some of our most requested items below that can make for some great thank you gifts.

Thank You Flower Arrangements

Let’s start with flowers. Here are two favorite flower arrangements that we often send as thank you gifts but that also work for many other special occasions:Plant 6

  • Summer Melody includes many brightly colored flowers, including iris, Fuji mums, daisies, carnations, monte casino and spray roses all arranged with greenery in a bubble bowl.
  • Golden Sunrise is a cheerful flower arrangement comprised of lilies, iris, daisies, golden aster and roses.

Thank You Plants

Not everyone may like flowers or they may be allergic, so it’s a nice touch to consider sending a plant that is sure to be a lasting reminder of your appreciation Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Phalaenopsis Orchid Plan is easy to care for and only requires watering once a week along with indirect sunlight. It is an elegant and stunning way to say thank you.
  • Our Natural Green Garden Plant Basket includes fresh ivy and peace lilies arranged in a basket topped off with a beautiful butterfly motif.F4
  • The Peace Lily offers a large green plant in a wicker basket and bow to wrap up your thanks with a positive message and a healthy green plant.

Thank You Gifts

We have a wide range of gifts. Here are some often bought gifts that are a sweet reminder to the person who receives them about your gratitude:

  • Sweet Picnic holds 12 assorted Cheryl’s Cookies in a galvanized lunch box.Daisy 4
  • The Chocoholic is a great way to say thanks to the chocolate lover in your life. This sweet gift bucket contains all kinds of fun size chocolate candy bars, including Twix, Milky Way, 3 Muskateers and M&Ms.

Be sure to visit our Columbus flower shop or shop online to see all of our wonderful collections that make a great way to say thanks! And, if you don’t see what you like, our floral design team can also custom create the perfect thank you gift.