100 RosesGreeting cards have long been a way to share sentiments with loved ones as well as colleagues and customers. The written word often holds a deeper meaning and is something that is cherished for the thought that went into writing it.

While well loved, you, as the writer, may often struggle to know exactly what you want to say and how to say it. It is important to select the right words so that the recipient knows exactly how you feel. You also want to invoke the right emotion in them as well.Splended Columbus Sunshine

There is nothing wrong with getting a little help with your words, and we have a great page on our website that is devoted to card message ideas and tips. To help you determine the best message, we have also created various categories that best fit the reason for your gift.

These categories include:Daisy 4

  • Administrative Assistant’s Day
  • Apology
  • Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • Get Well
  • Holiday
  • Just Because
  • Love
  • Mother’s Day
  • Newborn
  • Sympathy
  • Thank You
  • Valentine’s Day

While some categories may be easier than others, many of these are sensitive and emotional subjects that need careful thought when it comes to saying just the right thing, especially when it is something like saying sorry or giving your sympathy on the death of a loved one.

Besides these standard messages, there are other tips on creating the perfect greeting card:

  • You can also personalize the messages in other ways, including using a quote from a book, poem, or song.
  • Add something that personally acknowledges the recipient in terms of something they could relate to or that relates to another person, such as a newborn or the name of the person who passed away.
  • The point of a greeting card is to make the other person feel special so add something that shows them how you feel about them.
  • Always include your recipient’s name in a greeting before the message and sign the card with your name.

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