f1Flower Etiquette

The question is not whether flowers are appropriate for a specific occasion because the truth is that flowers are often the best way to send a message for any occasion, especially when the words are difficult to find or seem cliché. Instead, flowers are often the best way to state an occasion that is celebratory or even that is sad and reflective.f2

Instead, the question should be what type of flower works the best for a certain occasion? Well, we are here to help you with some basic guidelines. In the end though, it is really up to you and what your recipient may like in terms of type of flower and preferred color.

  • Wedding/Anniversary: This is of course a very personal choice based on your theme and favorite colors. Always consider choosing seasonal flowers for the best selection and value.
  • Birthday: Opt for your loved one’s favorite color, but going with bold and bright colors is a great choice because it screams your excitement and joy over celebrating this special day.Plant 3
  • Sympathy/Funeral: Although a solemn occasion, flowers offer a beautiful reminder of your love and thoughts for those left behind. Consider white flowers that are spiritual and elegant, including white roses, carnations, or daisies.
  • Friendship Day: Break out the yellow roses or any yellow flower for that matter because the color represents friendship.F3
  • Valentine’s Day: Of course, flowers are the traditional gift on this special day of love, especially red roses, but you can also consider orchids, tulips, and other gorgeous blooms.
  • Easter: The favorite flower at Easter is the Calla Lily known as the Easter flowering plant.
  • Christmas: You have quite a selection to choose from, including the traditional poinsettia plant in red or white, the Christmas cactus, or the Christmas amaryllis.
  • Mother’s Day: This day is the biggest day of the year for florists across all varieties of flowers but most often asked for are roses, carnations, and orchids.Rose 3
  • Graduation: All types of bright, beautiful flowers make a great gift, but you can use the school’s colors or even have a floral lei made for the graduate, which has become a popular item in the last few years.
  • Housewarming: While a bouquet of flowers in a nice vase is a great touch, you could also consider something that lasts longer, including a flowering plant, dish or basket garden, hanging flower basket, or green plant.

Be sure to stop by our Columbus flower shop and see what we have to offer for your special occasion, including how we can create custom flower arrangements that match your vision and budget!