February 29th is Leap Day!

A special event happens on Monday that only occurs every four years – that’s the arrival of Leap Day as 2016 is a Leap Year! While we get caught up in work and the craziness of life, it’s a good excuse to slow down and turn this event into something fun by sharing it with others through the gift of flowers. You can visit any one of our Columbus flower shops to pick up your favorite flowers in bulk and put together flower arrangements with 29 blooms each to celebrate this special number.  Of course, you can also enjoy something special from our Spring collection of flowers: Arrive in Style of Easton offers soft pink roses, white lilies, mums and alstromeria in a glass vase. Precious Pink Tulips offers ten of these favorite flowers in a clear glass vase. Of course, we have many other tulip colors to choose from as well! Spring Sweetness has pastel blooms in yellow, blue, and pink arranged in a pink glass cube vase. Spring Punch kicks it up a notch with bold spring colors, including pink tulips, purple stock, orange Asiatic lilies and yellow daffodils in a glass cylinder vase. Your Sweet Smile offers yellow and white roses in a glass vase. It’s bursting with a bright glow. Perfectly Pastel offers all those soft hues that you find among favorite spring flower varieties. Lavender Sunshine features yellow roses, lavender stock, and blue irises along with variegated pittosporum and bupleurum in a glass gathering vase. Wonderful Westerville is a large display with yellow daisy chrysanthemums, red and orange carnations, and purple asters in a large vase that’s been tied with a polka dot bow. Be sure to call, visit a Columbus flower shop, or order online for local and national [...]

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Focus on Others This Random Act of Kindness Day

February 17th has been devoted to the idea that the world would be a better place if we were just more kind to others. Not only would the person receiving the kindness feel better, but you would also enjoy the feeling and it would continue to spread a positive vibe to more people. While everyday seems hectic and stressful, this day reminds us to stop and appreciate others as well as provide support, a nice word, or other gesture that shows we care rather than that we can’t be bothered because we are too busy or caught up in our own problems to notice. This special day can also be a great time to give a gift of flowers to someone special. You can also come into any of our Columbus flower shops and buy some flowers in bulk to pass out to random strangers on the street. Many have tried that experience and found it’s made everyone feel that much better! A great place to start with some ideas for gifting flowers on Random Act of Kindness Day is our latest spring flower collection that has just arrived in our Columbus flower shop and through our website. Here are some highlights that you may want to consider for this special day: Simply Sweet is a bouquet that features roses, miniature carnations, roses and lilies in spring pastel colors. Daisy Dreams comes in a bright pink keepsake basket and offers miniature carnations and daisies. Spring Punch has daffodils, Asiatic lilies, tulips and stock in a cylinder glass vase with a range of colors like orange, purple, and pink. Spring Sonata comes in a terra-cotta pot and has a range of spring blooms that makes for a rustic look. Enchanted Blooms comes with alstromeria, miniature roses, [...]

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Leave Her Speechless with Luxury Valentine’s Day Flowers

While we have always focused on the freshest flowers and best value for Valentine’s Day, this year, we have added a luxury Valentine’s Day collection of flowers for those looking at something spectacular free of a budget. We define our luxury collection by the quantity and type of premium flowers included as well as upgraded sophisticated containers that hold these beauties. Prices range from $185 to $250 and higher for those who want to create a custom luxury Valentine’s Day flower arrangement.  This year’s collection has some stunning options for Valentine’s Day: Minerva Park Enchantment has roses, lilies, and hydrangea in shades of red, pink, and pale green. This floral display is so spectacular that it stands almost two feet tall. Tropical Love is for those who adore tropical and exotic flowers like orchids, amaranths, anthurium and roses. It’s paradise in a glass vase. Amethyst Gardens of New Albany is another large flower arrangement with roses, carnations, statice, miniature roses, orchids and stargazer lilies along with seeded eucalyptus in a garden-style design. Four-Dozen Roses offers 48 premium long-stem roses in a rainbow of colors. If 48 roses are not enough, go even bigger with 75 Yellow Roses. That’s over six-dozen roses. Of course, you can also order other colors if they are available. These luxury flower arrangements for Valentine's Day are made to go the distance so your loved one is sure to enjoy them for a week or more with just some basic maintenance. That's because we choose the best flowers, hand arrange them, and then hand deliver them in a container versus box. Even those these are luxury flower arrangements with a higher price, you are still getting incredible value plus ensuring your loved one has the best Valentine's Day ever!  Don’t forget [...]

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Think Outside the Box This Valentine’s Day

While the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day has been a dozen red roses in a box, the trend toward what sends a message of love has changed to receiving a unique, hand-arranged, and hand-delivered flower arrangement. These special Valentine’s Day arrangements look as though it was just made (and, if it was from us, it most likely was just made before it reached your loved one’s office or home!). While many companies are offering boxed flowers this Valentine’s Day for next nothing, the problem is that the flowers have to be cut and arranged by your loved one and, even worse, are either on their way out or already wilted. This is no way to send your sweetheart something special on Valentine’s Day. Instead, come check out our Columbus flower shop and special Valentine's Day collection of flowers, plants, and gifts for the freshest flowers for Valentine’s Day, including traditional roses plus other favorites like tulips, carnations, lilies, orchids and more.  Our floral design team hand arranges these flowers to keep them fresh so they can last throughout the Valentine’s Day holiday and into the following week. This not only pleases your loved one, but you also get better value than going with the cheap florist that boxed them up and shipped them out to your recipient. We are especially proud of our Valentine’s Day packages that include roses, chocolates, and a special stuffed animal. With different budgets, we have offered something for everyone. These are great because they can also wrap up your Valentine’s Day shopping in just one purchase! While we will be delivering on Sunday, February 14th, we are also very busy sending out hand deliveries throughout Columbus this week. This gives your loved one the chance to show off their Valentine’s [...]

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