F1While the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day has been a dozen red roses in a box, the trend toward what sends a message of love has changed to receiving a unique, hand-arranged, and hand-delivered flower arrangement.F1

These special Valentine’s Day arrangements look as though it was just made (and, if it was from us, it most likely was just made before it reached your loved one’s office or home!).F2

While many companies are offering boxed flowers this Valentine’s Day for next nothing, the problem is that the flowers have to be cut and arranged by your loved one and, even worse, are either on their way out or already wilted.

This is no way to send your sweetheart something special on Valentine’s Day.

Instead, come check out our Columbus flower shop and special Valentine’s Day collection of flowers, plants, and gifts for the freshest flowers for Valentine’s Day, including traditional roses plus other favorites like tulips, carnations, lilies, orchids and more. F4

Our floral design team hand arranges these flowers to keep them fresh so they can last throughout the Valentine’s Day holiday and into the following week.

This not only pleases your loved one, but you also get better value than going with the cheap florist that boxed them up and shipped them out to your recipient.

We are especially proud of our Valentine’s Day packages that include roses, chocolates, and a special stuffed animal. With different budgets, we have offered something for everyone. These are great because they can also wrap up your Valentine’s Day shopping in just one purchase!

While we will be delivering on Sunday, February 14th, we are also very busy sending out hand deliveries throughout Columbus this week. This gives your loved one the chance to show off their Valentine’s Day gift to their colleagues at work and also give you more delivery options.

Shop today for Valentine’s Day!