Many Floral Ways to Show Love This Valentine’s Day

Flowers continue to take the top spot on the list of desired gifts for Valentine’s Day, and it’s no wonder because their beauty transmits a message of love in a way that cannot otherwise be expressed. Whether it is roses, carnations, orchids or a combination of flowers, we have many floral ways to say, “I love you,” this Valentine’s Day. Here are some highlights from our Valentine’s Day collection that illustrate the range of styles and prices to suit all of our customers and their loved ones: • Bloomin’ Love offers carnations, roses, lilies and waxflower in a red glass vase. • Valentine Kisses includes daisies, spray roses, mini carnations and a mix of greenery in a vase. • Swept Away showcases lilies, hydrangea, carnations and roses along with a combination of green accents in a beautiful vase. • Valentine’s Day Dozen Roses is featured at the promotional price for $49.99. It contains twelve long-stemmed red roses arranged with baby’s breath and greenery in a glass vase. • Tropical Love contains orchids, red anthurium and roses, and hanging amaranths. It’s a unique way to show your love this Valentine’s Day. • Minerva Park Enchantment is a large flower arrangement with roses, hydrangea, and lilies. It stands nearly two feet tall in a glass vase. • Two-Dozen Roses with Stargazers features 24 red roses and numerous stargazer lilies along with caspia in a glass vase. Of course, we also have blooming plants, balloons, chocolates, Cheryl's Cookies, and special Valentine's Day gifts that you can add to your gift of flowers! Order now to get the best value, selection, and delivery time and date for local and national deliveries. We accept Valentine’s Day orders by phone, in our Columbus flower shops, and through our website.

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Send a Valentine’s Day Message of Love with Stunning Roses

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away so it’s a great idea to start planning now and even get your gift shopping wrapped up now! We’ve just introduced our Valentine’s Day collection full of stunning flowers, roses, plants, and gifts that cater to every style and budget. Roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, especially when purchased in red as this represents love. We have partnerships with some of the best rose farmers in the world, delivering the highest quality long-stem roses so you can gift your sweetheart with only the best. Here are some of our rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day: • Valentine’s Day Dozen Roses gives you 12 long-stem roses with baby’s breath, greenery, a glass vase and bow. It’s on sale right now for $49.99 while supplies last! • Our 48 Premium Red Roses offers four-dozen roses in red hand arranged in a glass vase for a stunning display. • Four Dozen Roses Mixed Colors gives you the same amount – 48 roses – but mixes it up with an assortment of color. • Supersize your love with 100 Premium Red Roses. This is a luxurious and extraordinary way to show your love. It’s an over-the-top flower arrangement that is also currently on sale while supplies last! • It doesn’t have to be huge to say, “I love you.” Instead, you can get 6 Red Roses with baby’s breath and greenery in a glass vase and stick to your budget without lessening your sentiment. • Roses can be combined with other flowers to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. For example, Two Dozen Roses with Stargazers gives you 24 red roses along with caspia and stargazer lilies in a glass vase. Besides these extraordinary rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day, our [...]

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Going Green on Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 10th has been designated as Houseplant Appreciation Day, which recognizes the beauty in green plants as well as the health benefits they provide in terms of clean air. If you already have green plants or flowering plants, be sure to give them a little extra love today. Or, if you are thinking of getting some, today might be the day! However, many people worry that they lack the green thumb necessary to take care of these plants properly and allow them to live a very long time. That’s why we offer regular advice on our website and blog about how to take care of flowers and plants. Here are some great tips that focus on light, water, temperature, and fertilizer to keep in mind that can be applied to most flowering and green plants: • The majority of houseplants do not like to be placed in direct sunlight because it is too bright and it can burn their leaves. It’s a better idea to give them diffused sunlight, also known as indirect light. This means placing them close to a window or opting to use some artificial lighting. • Plants need water but they don’t need so much that there is standing water that can lead to dry rot. It’s best to check the soil every few days and when the soil feels dry, that’s the time to add a little water to dampen the soil. Placing rocks in the bottom of the plant pot helps create some drainage. • Plants tend to do best in moderate temperatures. That means not too or too cold. A range includes 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day as well as 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit at night. • Plants need food and they get this through what is known [...]

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Giving Thanks for Special Holiday Memories and Gifts

In starting the year out right with gratitude on our minds, it’s a great time to send a thank you gift of flowers to those special people who showed you hospitality during the holidays either with an unexpected gift or an invite to a special Christmas or New Year’s event. Let them know just how much you appreciate them and what they did for you. To get you thinking about a way to give thanks for those holiday gifts and memories, check out these flower and gift ideas that may be the perfect way to show your gratitude: • Enchanted New Albany contains a mix of pink and lavender flower varieties, including roses, Monte Casino asters, and hydrangea, along with salal and eucalyptus in a clear glass vase. • Ohio’s Garden Romance offers a stunning floral display of purple hydrangea, white Asiatic lilies, and light pink spray roses in a glass cube. • Classy Columbus is a sophisticated flower arrangement of white roses and pink lilies along with greenery. • Head Over Heels Gahanna has pink and red flowers like alstromeria, hydrangea, roses and Asiatic lilies, offering over two feet of blooms hand-arranged in a glass vase. • Sunset in Galloway includes a combination of roses and lilies in various colors, offering bold colors. • Sapphire Skies has a beautiful mix of creamy roses and snowy lilies along with some hints of blue, including a colored glass vase. • Not every “thank you” has to be in the form of flowers. We have many different size collections of Cheryl’s Cookies, including dozen, two dozen, four dozen and more. These are individually wrapped cookies in flavors like chocolate chip, chocolate-chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal raisin, seasonal flavors and buttercream frosted cutout cookies. All of these items are [...]

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