F2The third week of each August is dedicated to friendship. It’s a time to appreciate those special people in your life and reflect on how you can be a better friend to others. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends.

One great way to show your friendship is with a special gift of flowers. This gift from Nature provides a beautiful symbol for friendship and is sure to make those special people in your life break into a big smile.

F4We’re here to help with some special floral designs that fit every budget and style. Most of what we offer is available for local delivery throughout the Columbus area as well as across the country.

Here are some great friendship floral gifts to get you started on your search for the best ways to show your appreciation for your friends:

Sunny Sunbury is a beautiful flower arrangement that is simple, yet stunning. It contains sunflowers and curly willow in a glass bubble bowl.

Golden Days offers sunflowers and Asiatic lilies, red roses, gold and burgundy chrysanthemums, solidaster, and salalin a wicker basket.

Golden Days Rose Bouquet contains two dozen yellow roses, which symbolize friendship. These gorgeous blooms are arranged in a vase with golden aster.

Sunny Smiles is a bright and cheerful way to celebrate your friendship with that special someone.

Gardens of German Village is a new garden arrangement that includes orange, yellow, pink and blue blooms for a stunning floral design.

Fall In Love may sound romantic, but it is the perfect arrangement to show any type of love. It has shades of burgundy and soft pink combined with bright green hues. f4

Hilltop Bear Hugs gives a cuddly teddy bear along with a floral arrangement of alstroemeria, spray roses, lilies, and delphinium.F5

It’s time to get your order placed! We take orders by phone or in any of our Columbus flower shop locations. You can also order online through our website!