Thanksgiving is getting closer. In fact, it’s Thursday, November 23rd. While it’s fast approaching, there is still time to do something extra special during this traditional family celebration. Rather than just ordering a Thanksgiving centerpiece, why not work with our design center at our Columbus flower shops on a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece as well as custom flower arrangements for the home and buffet table?

Our Thanksgiving collection does have some beautiful floral designs f5that will add a special touch to your holiday plans. However, even more memorable is to create something no one else will have and that defines your home and family traditions. In fact, your custom Thanksgiving centerpiece can use a container and personal elements that you can include. For example, you may have a family vase or large bowl that could add something memorable to the display.

When you create a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece, there really is no parameters on what you can make except your own imagination. Think about what styles you like. Do you have a house that is bit more country and rustic, formal and traditional, or modern? Use this as your inspiration. Then, there are favorite flowers and colors. f3

What type of accents do you like that represent the fall season? You can include oak leaves, acorns, gourds (small ones and larger ones like pumpkins), turkeys, branches, and wheat.

f6Table size and shape is also important to think about. You don’t want the centerpiece to take up the whole table and block viewing. However, you don’t want your Thanksgiving centerpiece to be small or the wrong shape so that it takes away from the ambiance. Create one that is a similar shape of your table and is balanced in size and scope. Be sure to give our floral design team the dimensions of the table.

All these factors are important to figure out before you come in and work with our floral design team. They can come up with a design idea much more quickly and be inspired to do exactly what you are imagining. f4

Now is the time to make your appointment for that custom Thanksgiving centerpiece as well as other custom flower arrangements that can be added throughout the house, including the mantle, stairs, door and other tables. All of these floral displays for Thanksgiving will welcome your guests and create a very festive spirit.