Praising Columbus Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers do so much for our children, providing them with knowledge, skills, guidance, and mentoring. From grade school through college, teachers spend an incredible amount of time with our kids. We really can't thank them enough. A good place to start with how much we value them is during the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week, which is May 7th through May 11th. Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th. Here are some great teacher gift ideas that you can order in any of our four Columbus flower shops or online through our website: Gardens of German Village This is a garden-style flower arrangement with flowers that include orange, yellow and pink, and blue hues. Fancy Free Grove City Teachers will enjoy this bright and bold floral display that includes roses, alstroemeria, and carnations in shades of hot pink and orange. Groveport Gardens This combination of seasonal flowers sends a cheerful message. Flowers include favorites like sunflowers, roses, snapdragons, stock, and button spray chrysanthemums along with greenery like myrtle, salal, and pittosporum. Pretty In Pink Teachers will love this sweet bouquet of pink lilies and gerbera daisies in a glass bubble bowl. Sunsplash This is another bright floral display of seasonal flower favorites that will look great on your favorite teacher's desk. Whimsical Whitehall This is a pink and orange bouquet of roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, and more in a glass cube. Jenny M This textured design is named after one of our best floral designers. It started out as a custom flower arrangement but other customers wanted it, too, so we added it to our collection. It offers many types of flowers in shades of pink and burgundy. Cheryl's Cookies Chocolate Chip This teacher gift includes 12 individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies in a gift bag.You can [...]

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Administrative Professionals Week in Columbus with Flowers and Gifts

From April 23 to April 27, you can show your admins just how much you appreciate what they do for you every day of the year. That's because this is Administrative Professionals Week. It also includes Administrative Professionals Day on April 25. This is your opportunity to thank your in-house admin or admin team or any virtual admins you use for your company. They need to know just how much you value what they do. From our thank you collection, we've put some great gift ideas for Administrative Professionals Day and Administrative Professionals Week: Colorful Jubilee This floral display offers orange spray roses and yellow daisies in a cube vase that has been wrapped with a pink polka dotted ribbon. All Smiles This flower arrangement is sure to brighten your admin's day. There's a keepsake ceramic smiley face container that comes filled with yellow and white daisies. Mum Plant This mum plant comes in a variety of bright colors, depending on availability. It's long-lasting and low maintenance, making it the perfect addition to an office. Oopsy Daisy Kirkersville Your admin will love this bouquet of daisies that come in bright colors. It's sure to send a cheerful thanks. Watercolor Roses For local delivery only, this is a truly unique rose arrangement of multi-color roses. It's a masterpiece of floral design. The Spring Garden This floral arrangement is filled with yellow, white, and lavender daisies along with alstroemeria and orange roses. Scents and Blooms This special gift package includes fresh spring flowers and a large Yankee Candle. Pink Polka Dot Package This admin gift package includes the Pink Polka Dot flower arrangement, a small box of Coblentz Amish Chocolates, and a wine slushy mix. Troyer's Meat & Cheese Snack Box Here is a great admin team [...]

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Plants and Blooming Plants Help Celebrate Keep America Beautiful Month

Nature provides us with extraordinary benefits that we'll never get again if we don't ensure that our environment sticks around. Between better air quality and medicinal opportunities, we need the trees, plants, and flowers around us to sustain our ecological balance. That's why April is designated as an environmental awareness month each year, including making it Keep America Beautiful Month, International Plant Appreciation Day on April 13th, and Earth Day on April 20th. In Columbus, we have many activities this month to help ensure we keep our country and the environment looking its finest. There are clean-up days at parks and in local communities as well as community gardens and awareness seminars about how to reduce your carbon footprint. We also have a wide range of green plants, blooming plants, dish and basket gardens, and other greenery so that you can add this to your home or office. These additions provide health benefits but they also draw awareness to the reasons we have to take care of our world. Here are some beautiful examples from our plant collection: Kalanchoe Plant Kalanchoes are a great low maintenance blooming plant. They do requires warm temperatures and can live indoors and outdoors in pots. We have them available in a few different colors. Large Blooming Garden Basket This garden basket overflows with seasonal blooming and green plants. It's great for you or a special gift for a loved one. Anthurium Plant The Anthurium Plant is also known as the "Lovable Hearts" plant. This is because they have heart-shaped leaves along with colorful red or pink unique blooms. These plants are fairly easy to take care of. Natural Green Garden Plant Basket This natural green garden plant basket features fresh ivy and peace lilies in a keepsake basket that [...]

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Prom Season in Columbus

Prom season is here at all Columbus high schools. That means juniors and seniors are planning for one of the most memorable events of high school, getting dresses and tuxes as well as prom flowers like a prom corsage and prom boutonniere. That's where we come in. We offer a prom flower collection so you can easily select a beautiful prom flower corsage and boutonniere for your son or daughter to have with their date. Here are some of the examples of what we offer in terms of fresh, personalized, and budget-friendly prom flowers: Five Sweetheart Rose Wrist Corsage This prom corsage offers five sweetheart roses in a wrist style corsage accented with baby's breath and greens. We have a number of rose colors to choose from based on availability. Three Daisy Wrist Corsage Three daisies are arranged in a wrist corsage band and highlighted with baby's breath and greenery. You can also select from a range of daisy colors. Wild Child - Red From one of our style collections for prom corsages, this one is for someone who walks on the wild side. It offers a cheetah print ribbon and feathers along with a mix of red flowers and greenery. One Carnation Boutonniere One carnation is made into a boutonniere with greens and baby's breath. You can select a color that matches the prom corsage you pick out. This boutonniere is priced at only $5! We also offer a custom prom flower service so you can make an appointment with our floral design team and bring in a fabric swatch or dress to discover the best way to create a complementary prom flower experience. Our prom corsages and prom boutonnieres are for pick-up only. Please specify which location you want to pick up your [...]

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