Plant 6Nature provides us with extraordinary benefits that we’ll never get again if we don’t ensure that our environment sticks around. Between better air quality and medicinal opportunities, we need the trees, plants, and flowers around us to sustain our ecological balance.

That’s why April is designated as an environmental awareness month each year, including making it Keep America Beautiful Month, International Plant Appreciation Day on April 13th, and Earth Day on April 20th.

In Columbus, we have many activities this month to help ensure we keep our country and the environment looking its finest. There are clean-up days at parks and in local communities as well as community gardens and awareness seminars about how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plant 5We also have a wide range of green plants, blooming plants, dish and basket gardens, and other greenery so that you can add this to your home or office. These additions provide health benefits but they also draw awareness to the reasons we have to take care of our world.

Here are some beautiful examples from our plant collection:

Plant 4Kalanchoe Plant
Kalanchoes are a great low maintenance blooming plant. They do requires warm temperatures and can live indoors and outdoors in pots. We have them available in a few different colors.

Large Blooming Garden Basket
This garden basket overflows with seasonal blooming and green plants. It’s great for you or a special gift for a loved one.

Anthurium Plant
The Anthurium Plant is also known as the “Lovable Hearts” plant. This is because they have heart-shaped leaves along with colorful red or pink unique blooms. These plants are fairly easy to take care of.

Natural Green Garden Plant Basket
This natural green garden plant basket features fresh ivy and peace lilies in a keepsake basket that has been accented with a colorful butterfly.This is another great way to put a little nature in someone else’s life.

Succulent Garden Bowl
The Succulent Garden Bowl contains assorted succulent plants in a bubble bowl that has been accented with white rocks. This gives it a terrarium feel that is perfect for the home or office.

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