September offers National Indoor Plant Week during the third week of the month. Plus, it’s the month when fall arrives, which is September 22nd.

Both events are an ideal time to consider adding more green plants to your home or office or gifting them to a friend, family member, or colleague. After all, green plants are known to provide health benefits like cleaner air.

Our Columbus flower shops and website offer a wide range of green plants and our fall flower collection. Here are some of the highlights:

Jade Vibes

The 6″ Jade plant arrives in a concrete style container. It prefers to be in the full sun so place it near a window. Keep the soil on the drier side.

Hello Aloe

An aloe vera plant is displayed in a contemporary container. As part of the succulent family, the aloe vera plant is easy to take care of. Also, place it in bright light.

Three Amigos Succulent Collection

You’ll receive three succulents arranged in concrete container that are finished off with green moss. This collection can be displayed together or broken up. Succulents  need sunlight for a few hours a day and minimal water.

Stylish Green Garden

A peace lily and garden ivy are arranged together in a blue and white delft container. It creates a beautiful, serene garden for a home or office.

Friendly Ferns

This ceramic container includes three small planted ferns. This type of plant likes humid conditions and indirect sunlight.

Potted Succulent

This potted succulent arrives in a concrete container. It’s small so it fits just about anywhere!

Don’t forget to also check out our fall flower collection. For example, Autumn Morning includes sunflowers, red standard roses, alstroemeria, and orange miniature roses along with golden aster and greenery in a modern glass vase.

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