Add Luxury Flowers to Your New Year’s Celebration

With party season in full swing, there are more events that often are planned for after Christmas, including New Year's celebrations. What better way to create a memorable holiday event than with some luxurious floral designs like these from our luxury line: Tiffany Blue & Red Collection The Tiffany Blue & Red Collection has two coordinating arrangements that can be used together to add warmth and color to your holiday party with red and blue hues along with seasonal greenery and accents. Spirit of the Season Country Christmas is a rustic floral design idea for an upcoming holiday party. It features wintergreen, seasonal flowers, and even an artichoke. Contemporary Christmas Tall Go with something dramatic by opting for a tall statement piece like this Contemporary Christmas Tall arrangement. Curly willow is arranged in a tall cylinder glass vase with holiday flowers, greenery, and accents. Other beautiful options for a holiday party include these stunning winter floral designs: Dashing through the Snow This winter floral display features fresh wintergreen, holiday berries, ribbons and roses arranged in a natural square container. There are two glittery reindeer. Winter Wilds Fresh winter greens and white flowers are arranged together to create this sublime holiday display. Winter Pop A glass cube sets off the winter blooms and greenery in this beautiful winter event centerpiece. Snowy Woods A handmade wooden box contains a mix of winter white flowers, fresh seasonal greenery, and holiday accents. Of course, you can also work with our Columbus floral design team on custom holiday floral designs for your upcoming party or event. Just call and schedule your appointment today!

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Shop Locally For Holiday Flowers and Gifts Here in Columbus

Our Columbus flower shops are one of many local businesses that are the best place to buy your holiday flowers and gifts. Shopping locally with a small business like our Columbus flower shop means personalized service, unique merchandise, significant value, and a memorable experience. As Christmas nears, we want to share some holiday flower and gift ideas with you that are available for order now in our Columbus flower shops or through our website from our holiday collection: Winter Blooms We have created an artisanal mix of roses and berries in a crimson glass cube that adds all the color and festive feel that Christmas offers. Holiday Shine This is a rustic holiday floral design packed with wintergreens, berries, alstroemeria, and Queen Anne's lace. Everything is arranged in a handmade red wooden box. There is also a battery-operated modern lantern. You can also opt to upgrade this arrangement by adding white lilies or for the premium upgrade, you can include white lilies and red roses. Country Christmas Box The Country Christmas Box includes a traditional color scheme, a contemporary design, seasonal flowers, and winter greenery. Merry Magnificence The Merry Magnificence is a warm, inviting holiday arrangement that is perfect for decorating your home or business for the holidays. However, it also makes a touching gift for someone that needs a little holiday spirit. Classic Holiday Cookie Assortment Our Classic Holiday Cookie Assortment by Cheryl's Cookies comes with 12 holiday-themed cookies that are individually wrapped with buttercream frosted holiday cut-outs and other assorted flavors. Holiday Cookie Jar with Cheryl's This is a wonderful gift for a client, colleague, friend or family member. There is a keepsake ceramic cookie jar that comes with one dozen assorted Cheryl's Cookies. Order today! And, on behalf of our Flowerama family, we'd [...]

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Poinsettia Day is December 12th

Wednesday, December 12th is Poinsettia Day, which is an ideal time to get red, white, or marble-colored poinsettias to display at your home or business or to send as an early Christmas gift to family, friends, colleagues, service personnel, or clients. At our Columbus flower shops and through our website, we have a poinsettia collection that makes it easy and affordable to decorate or gift with this beautiful symbol of Christmas. Here are some ways you can enjoy poinsettias from our Columbus flower shop: Peaceful Poinsettia This large basket includes a peace lily and a poinsettia plant, offering a wonderful gift for a special person or client. It's also a nice decorator item for an office or home during the holiday season. Double Poinsettia Basket Go big with this basket display of two poinsettias planted in six-inch pots. They arrive in a basket with a red velvet bow. Our basket color and style may vary depending on what w have available during the holiday season. Beautiful Six-Inch Poinsettia in a Basket This is a single poinsettia plant in a basket. Poinsettia color and bow color, as well as basket type, may vary. Winter Poinsettia This beautiful arrangement offers a festive poinsettia plant as a gift or decorator item for the holiday season. There's still time to place your order with our Columbus flower shops by phone, in-person, or through our website. And, when you get your poinsettia, there are some easy maintenance things you can do to ensure that it even blooms the next year. For example, since poinsettias are actually considered to be a tropical plant, they do appreciate sunshine so put them in a sunny spot. It also likes fairly warm spots and requires regular watering. Over the summer, you can move the poinsettia [...]

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Professional Commercial and Residential Holiday Decorating Service

With so much to do, there is often not enough time to decorate for the holidays as much as we would like. That's when it makes sense to get some professional decorating help like from our team at our Columbus flower shops. Our Holiday Decoration Services are made for external and internal holiday displays in homes and businesses. We offer a wide range of styles and prices to reflect your style and budget. Botanica Flowers is our decorating service, and it specializes in custom holiday displays for indoor and outdoor areas of residential homes in the Columbus, Ohio. In addition to home decorating services, we also provide commercial decorating services in Columbus and the greater Columbus area. Our designers, led by Steven Sturdivant, will visit your home, office, or commercial space to see the space and talk to you about what you want to create. Here are some examples of what can be created for the holidays through our holiday decor services: Contemporary Christmas Tabletop LS This is a great example of a modern floral design. It includes flowers and wintergreens as well as unique accents like pomegranates and pears. Country Christmas Enhanced LS This example of our holiday decor service has a traditional color scheme of red and green, a contemporary design, unique flowers, and winter greenery. Contemporary Christmas LS This floral display offers unique accents, traditional winter greenery, red and green florals, and a beautiful container, making it perfect as a centerpiece for the family holiday dinner or for use at a holiday event. Everything we do and install for the holidays is a one-of-a-kind holiday decoration. You can schedule a free consultation with Steven for your holiday decoration needs by calling 614-946-3605.

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