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June 8th offers two special ways to celebrate. First, it’s Best Friend Day so this is the time to tell your best friend how much you appreciate what they do for you. Plus, for gardeners or those thinking about gardening, it’s also National Gardening Exercise Day.

We have you covered whether you are celebrating one or both of these special June events. Here are some beautiful seasonal green and blooming plants to consider for these summer celebrations.

Orchids in Gray Rustic Box

A rustic wooden box holds an assortment of beautiful orchid plants in a variety of colors based on what’s available when you place your order.

Jade Vibes

A jade plantĀ is a long-lasting green plant that does well indoor near full sun. This jade plant arrives in a concrete-style container or another available planter.

Hello Aloe

The aloe plant is a soothing green plant known for its power to heal. This one arrives in a modern container, making it the perfect fit for a home or office.

Three Amigos Succulent Collection

This aptly named gift is perfect for Best Friend Day. They will get three succulent plants in different containers to display together or separately. Each one is finished off with green moss. They are easy to care for and are long-lasting.

Stylish Green Garden

This serene garden offers a peace lily and garden ivy displayed in a blue and white delft container.

Hanging Petunia

Perfect for the summer, petunias are tolerant of heat. This hanging basket is perfect for a balcony or porch.

Sugar Mold Succulent Planter

Only available for a short time, this succulent display arrives with six assorted succulents in a box. It’s a great gift idea!

Place your order today for these two special days through any of our Columbus flower shops.