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Flowerama Columbus and our team of talented floral designers are here to help you select wonderful Flowers, Green Plants and Gifts for Easter. We are a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. We have been voted best florist in Columbus Ohio 9 or 10 years in a row and operate 4 flower shops. Those shops are located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio. We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country.

You will find lovely Easter Flowers, Plants and Gifts at Flowerama Columbus!

Easter Lily Plant

Easter Lily

Easter falls on April 12. This religious holiday is celebrated by Christians around the world. In Christian belief, this is the celebration of the day of resurrection of Jesus. The date of Easter changes from year to year. The reason for this change is that Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. Easter will be celebrated on April 4th in 2021.

As is common with the majority of holidays, Easter also comes with a changing of the seasons. Spring is symbolic to the coming back to life by the plants and trees that have been dormant for the winter. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere look forward to warmer weather and an increase in more daylight. This symbolism of the coming back to life is a correlation to the resurrection of Jesus.

History indicates that the name “Easter” was derived from the name of a goddess in England by the name of Eostre. This reference can be found in the writings of the Venerable Bede. He was a seventh and early eighth century British monk.

“Bede wrote that the month in which English Christians were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus had been called Eosturmonath in Old English, referring to a goddess named Eostre. And even though Christians had begun affirming the Christian meaning of the celebration, they continued to use the name of the goddess to designate the season.” 

His writings were so influential that later Christians adopted and kept the name Easter. It is recognized by that name by the English, Germans and Americans who celebrate this resurrection.

Those of the Jewish faith refer to this time as Passover. The Hebrew Bible commemorates Passover as a festival which celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. This is referenced in the Book of Exodus. During the time of Jesus, Jewish pilgrims flocked to Jerusalem in hope that God would liberate them from the Romans. On one Passover, Jesus traveled to Jerusalem and the resulting disturbance in the Temple ultimately led to his crucifixion.

In early America, the Easter festival was more celebrated by Catholics than Protestants. The Puritans of New England considered both Easter and Christmas as festivals for heavy drinking and merrymaking. However, by the 19th century this belief had changed and the holidays became a time to spend joyous moments with family. Today customary traditions of Easter Egg Hunting, Parades and the Easter Bunny have become the norm.

Flowerama Columbus has professional floral designers that will help you select the perfect gift for Easter!

Cheerful Spring Roses - Same Day Delivery

Easter-Cheerful Spring Roses and Cookies

Flowerama Columbus  has a long history of providing the best flowers in Columbus. From our first store opening on June 23, 1990 to our four convenient locations in the Columbus area today located in Columbus, Ohio, Reynoldsburg Ohio, Westerville Ohio and Whitehall Ohio you will receive the best floral products and the most professional service provided.

No matter what your need, our convenient online ordering system available by logging into Floweramacolumbus.com also offers same day delivery of fresh flowers and roses across town and throughout the United States! Orders that are placed on line or over the phone will be processed immediately and filled through the local Flowerama store or through the Teleflora network of fine florists. selection! Our team would be delighted to earn your business and help you to make your Easter festive and sweet.

Flowerama Columbus has temporally closed our physical locations. However, we are still selling flowers, plants and gifts by telephone or on our user friendly website. Staying in touch with loved ones is always a welcomed thing to do. Please visit us to select that perfect Easter flower arrangement, plant or gift.