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Flowerama Columbus and our team of talented floral designers are here to help you select beautiful sympathy flowers and plants. We are a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. We have been voted best florist in Columbus Ohio 9 or 10 years in a row and operate 4 flower shops. Those shops are located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio. We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country.

Flowerama Columbus has lovely sympathy flower arrangements!

Gentle Thoughts Spray

Gentle Thoughts Spray

Sympathy Flowers

Traditionally, sending flowers for a funeral is an accepted and common way to express condolences. Selecting the proper flower or flowers to express your personal feelings can be made easier by using the services of a professional florist like Flowerama Columbus.  There are a numerous flowers you can choose from. Below are some of the most popular.


The majority of funerals will have Lilies on display. They have been accepted as the most traditional flower.  Symbolizing the soul of the departed, Lilies signify hope offered by the renewal process. Most often white is the color selected especially if the service is religious or faith based.


Carnations are a wonderful choice for extended services as they are very fragrant and can last longer that other flowers. Choosing a white carnation as a sympathy flower symbolizes purity and innocence. Choosing pink carnations is an expression of sending thoughts of remembrance.


Sometimes referred to as mum for short, the chrysanthemum is used in China, Korea and Japan to symbolize grief.  Some European countries use mums exclusively for the purpose placing on graves and/or as a funeral arrangement.


The gladiolus is sent in reference to the strength and character the departed displayed throughout their life.  It is a message to the family intended to uplift their spirits at this time of tremendous loss.


Roses are a flower that is appropriate for just about every occasion. The universal meaning to express love and respect is perfect as a sympathy flower. Each color of rose symbolizes a different meaning. Red for example are the love and respect. Pink roses reflect a sign of appreciation and grace. Yellow are typically used if the person you are honoring is a close friend. Finally white roses convey a message of innocence and youth.


The universal message of orchids is “I will always love you”. Like the other flowers, orchids come in a variety of beautiful colors. Pink, purple, or white orchid plant can all be used as a sympathy flower.


Often potted plants instead or in addition to flowers are sent for sympathy support. The hydrangea is a common potted plant used. The nice thing is after the funeral the plant may be planted in an outdoor garden so the family will have a beautiful remembrance for several years.

Daffodils and Tulips

Daffodils and tulips can bring encouragement and hope during a time of loss and sadness. They are a very uplifting flower and usually sent directly to the grieving family.

The professional floral designers at Flowerama Columbus will help you select a flower arrangement or potted plant that is the perfect sympathy message you want to convey!

Lily and Rose Tribute Spray - Same Day Delivery

Lily and Rose Tribute Spray

Flowerama Columbus has a history of providing the best flowers in Columbus. Our first store opened on June 23, 1990 and now we have four convenient locations in the Columbus area today located in Columbus, Ohio, Reynoldsburg Ohio, Westerville Ohio and Whitehall Ohio. You will receive the best floral products and the most professional service provided. No matter what your need, our convenient online ordering system available by logging into Floweramacolumbus.com also offers same day delivery of fresh flowers and roses across town and throughout the United States! Orders that are placed on line or over the phone will be processed immediately and filled through the local Flowerama store or through the Teleflora network of fine florists.

Today, Flowerama Columbus has three generations of family members and every single one has worked in the flower shops at one point of their lives. In fact, at least one member from each generation is currently working in the flower shops in one way or another. Now this is not always the case, because some of our youngest generation travels off to college from time to time, but they often help out if only at the holidays. Flowerama Columbus offers four great locations where you can shop. However, if you prefer online shopping, we have made a large investment in our computer system allowing you the a user friendly environment to browse our products and then have them shipped any where in the country.

Thanks for reading our blog. We would be honored to help you select a floral sympathy gift.