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Flowerama Columbus is a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. We have been voted best florist in Columbus Ohio 9 or 10 years in a row and operate 4 flower shops. Those shops are located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio. We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country.

We have a long history of providing the best flowers in Columbus and you will receive the best professional service. No matter what your need, our convenient online ordering system available by logging into Floweramacolumbus.com also offers same day delivery of fresh flowers and roses across town and throughout the United States!

Celebrate Parents Day on July 26th with flowers from Flowerama Columbus!

Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded

National Parents Day

These self sacrificing people we refer to as “parents” are the back bone of our universe. They day dreamed about us before we were even born and then dedicated themselves to us after we were. Taking care of us until we were able to leave the nest but still never to far away if we fell and needed to be dusted off. This coming July 26th is National Parents Day. What a great time to visit Flowerama Columbus and let us assist you with a beautiful floral arrangement to brighten your parent’s day.

Parents have long been celebrated in fact since the very early 1900s, Mother’s and Father’s days were observed. Then in 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution that effectively created National Parent’s Day. President Clinton felt it was vital to publicly recognize the supporting role all parents play in the rearing of their children.

So what can you do special on National Parent’s Day, in addition to giving a beautiful flower bouquet? They would love an in person visit if that is possible or a phone call if not. The mere act of showing them how much they mean will be so powerful in their hearts. Plus no day can be taken for granted and we each have a limited number.

At some point in many adolescent lives, some have felt like their parents were out of touch with reality and did not have the right answers. I think that is called the teenage years. As we look back on lessons learned and sacrifices given from parents, it is easy to see that they really did understand and were much wiser than they were given credit for. Music to their hearts and ears would be to tell them they were right and now you know that.

What a perfect way to celebrate a holiday. After all not to many people do not like holidays. In today’s world while travel is on a low, you might not be able to easily fly them away to their favorite destination but you could certainly arrange a small gathering for a Parent’s Day party. Bring out some of your favorite photos and cook their favorite foods. They will have a good time and so will you. Not to mention you will make a new lasting memory.

Most of us cannot remember swaddling clothes, being fed and burped or long nights where our parents stayed up holding and rocking us back to sleep. If you have kids or grand kids, you no doubt grasp the full personal sacrifice of sleep deprivation. And how many times when you needed a friend and unconditional love did you seek advice from a parent regarding problems at school or just in general?

So on this upcoming National Parent’s Day, find a special way to reach out to your Mom and Dad. The wonderful and talented floral designers at Flowerama Columbus would be honored to assist you with a delightful flower arrangement or sweet treat!

Buttercream Frosted Heart Cookies


Buttercream Heart Sharped Cookies from Cheryl’s

In the Spring of 2013, Cheryl’s Cookies and Flowerama Columbus teamed up to offer Cheryl’s cookie delivery anywhere in Columbus Ohio. Available for sale and consumption at the Reynoldsburg, Westerville, and Columbus Flowerama locations with the Whitehall Flowerama location coming soon. The perfect marriage of two great companies; our customers now have a choice between the freshest flowers or the freshest cookies and they can all be delivered the same day throughout Columbus.

No matter what your need, the Flowerama Columbus convenient online ordering system available by logging into Floweramacolumbus.com also offers same day delivery of fresh flowers and roses across town and throughout the United States! Orders that are placed on line or over the phone will be processed immediately and filled through the local Flowerama store or through the Teleflora network of fine florists.

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