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Flowerama Columbus and our team of talented floral designers are here to help you make your home feel like Summer with our beautiful selection of succulents. We are a family owned and operated floral design firm. We have been voted best florist in Columbus Ohio 9 or 10 years in a row and operate 4 flower shops.

Those shops are located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio. We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country.

We are a family florist with years of experience and we think we are really good at what we do. We should be, we have been doing it for more than thirty years in Columbus, Ohio. First and foremost we are family.  We have three generations of family members and every single one has worked in the flower shops at one point of their lives. In fact, at least one member from each generation is currently working in the flower shops in one way or another.

Think succulents from Flowerama Columbus for summer decoration!

Sugar Mold Succulent Planter

Sugar Mold Succulent Planter


A trendy plant these days is the Succulent. Not only are these unusual plants used as decorations for home gardens and patio pots but people are now even including succulents as wedding decor. Extremely durable, the succulent can survive and even thrive in some of the hottest climates. Most of these plants come from Africa and Central America where the climate is very hot and humid.

However, almost every continent grows some variety of succulent. The only known exception is Antarctica which of course no surprise you will not find any there. If a continent suffers from yearly severe drought like say Australia, you will not find as many succulent plants. Amazingly some varieties can go an astounding two years without any water. They make excellent indoor potted plants as they require very minimal care.

Succulent species like most varieties of plants have preferences as to where they are placed. Some succulents like to be indoors and some much prefer to be outdoors. As you are shopping, below are just a small number of  types of both indoor and outdoor succulents. Of course the professionally trained expert floral designers at Flowerama Columbus know all types and will be happy to assist you with a perfect selection.

Indoor Succulents

Burro’s Tail  – This cool plant grows to about four inches long and yes resembles a donkey’s tail.  They are not hard to care for and do best in a container that drains well.

Crown of Thorns – These enjoy being close to a window to receive about three to four hours of sunlight per day. When its soil is completely dry it is time to water. One myth about the Crown of Thorns comes from Thailand where it is thought that the more flowers that bloom the better future the plant owner will have.

Flaming Katy – How about a plant from Madagascar? The Flaming Katy does best when temperatures are between 60 to 80 degrees and they enjoy well draining clay pots. They have dark red, gold and white flowers if allowed to have eight to ten hours of sunlight.

Jade Plant – Fully matured, the jade plant is similar to a bonsai plant in growth patterns but it has white or pink flowers that bloom in the shape of stars.

Aloe Vera – Most everyone has heard of Aloe Vera. There are medical ointments made from the juices of this plant. People use it for scrapes and burns as well as some cosmetics. Of course it can make an attractive house plant as well with its thick, pointed leaves that are variegated with spots of white.

Panda Plant – The Panda Plant is an interesting houseplant and topic of discussion. It actually has fuzzy leaves that have brownish red markings on the edges thus making it resemble a panda. Long living many people use them in hanging planters.

Pincushion Cactus – Native to Mexico, the spikes on this plant give this cactus its name. It does not grow beyond six inches tall but still can give a dessert feel to any home.

Outdoor Succulents

Hens-and-Chicks – Although they have a relatively short life span of three years this succulent produces red flowers in the shape of a crown. It does produce offspring thus the name Hens- and-Chicks. It is said to live forever due to its reproductive ability.

Stonecrop – These come in numerous colors of green, pink and blue. Some of them grow tall while other varieties are more like creeping vines.

Whale’s Tongue Agave – Native to Mexico, these succulents are typically found in the mountains where the elevation is higher than 3700 feet. They are perfect for outdoors decor as they grow to 14 feet tall.

Ball Cactus –  The ball cactus only grows to two feet tall and has the unique shape of a hot air balloon.  These are great for patio pots and produce yellow flowers.

Pig’s Ear – Growing to heights of four feet the Pig’s Ear succulent has thick oval leaves with red edges. It requires little water but does take up a lot of garden space.

Sunburst –The sunburst succulent is native to the Canary Islands so it does best in an ocean air environment. It has three basic colors of green, white and yellow variegated leaves and grows to a height of two feet.

Torch Plant  – Having light green leaves that turn darker in the full sun, the Torch Plant also produces orange colored blossoms and can grow to heights of ten feet feet.

If you are looking for a succulent as a gift or for your own home, visit the floral designers at Flowerama Columbus!

Glass Terrarium Succulent Garden Oval

Glass Terrarium Succulent Garden Oval

We thank you for taking the time to read our blog. At Flowerama Columbus, our mission is to delight our customers with the best floral designs and gift baskets in the industry. We feel confident that we will provide the best customer experience around. We would be honored to serve you and would strive to make sure you continue as a permanent client for all of you future floral needs!