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Flowerama Columbus is a locally owned and operated florist with four flower shop locations in the greater Columbus, OH area. We offer the best selection of farm fresh flowers, plants and gifts in town. Choose from local same-day or express flower delivery service. Flowerama Columbus has been voted “Best Florist in Columbus” on numerous occasions. Most recently in 2018

Flowerama Columbus has gorgeous live plants for all occasions!

Three Ivy Plant Stand

Green Ivy Plant Stand

Houseplant Trend

In the 1970’s plants could be found in most homes. Then by the 1990’s the trend had dissipated to the point that houseplants were no longer the in thing. Today there is a resurgence of houseplants being an integral part of home decor. Some of the plants that were once popular are now again. Below are some of the trending houseplants:

  • Aspidistra elatior – cast iron plant
  • Asplenium nidus- bird’s nest fern
  • Chlorophytum comosum – spider plant
  • Fatsia japonica – Japanese aralia
  • Ficus elastica – rubber plant
  • Monstera deliciosa – swiss cheese plant
  • Sansevieria trifasciata – mother – in – law’s tongue

Studies have shown that plants can reduce anxiety, depression and just general feelings of negativity. No particular plant is better for your mental health than another. Therefore you have the ability to select from a wide variety of plants. Not only are houseplants good for your mental health but they also are good for your physical health and they add beauty to your home’s interior decor.

So what about growing plants indoors that you can use in cooking. Below is a list of various edible plants:

  • Sweet Bell Pepper – Several dishes call for bell pepper. These plants look nice growing in indirect sunlight and in a terracotta pot.
  • Chili Pepper- These do not require great amounts of water and grow best on a warm window ledge.
  • Herbs – A wide variety of these include mint, oregano, tarragon and sage. They also require a sunny window sill and not much water. Just moist soil.
  • Salad Leaves – Arugula, lettuce and endive look beautiful as ornamental plants, They also smell fresh and are not difficult to grow. They need to be kept well watered.
  • Tomatoes- A favorite vegetable in many dishes, these plants are easy to grow. With weekly tomato feed and water you should have tomatoes throughout the summer months and into the beginning of the fall season.

Our professional floral designers at Flowerama Columbus would be thrilled to help you select a plant for your home. Tell us what you are looking for and we will strive to create that perfect product.


Violet Garden Box

Violet Garden Box

You can truly add beauty and healthy benefits to your home or that of a friend by sending a Houseplant from Flowerama Columbus. We have a long history of providing the best flowers and plants in Columbus. From our first store opening on June 23, 1990 to our four convenient locations in the Columbus area today located in Columbus, Ohio, Reynoldsburg Ohio, Westerville Ohio and Whitehall Ohio you will receive the best floral products and the most professional service provided. If your loved one or friend is several states away no matter, as our convenient online ordering system available by logging into Floweramacolumbus.com also offers same day delivery of fresh flowers and plants across town and throughout the United States! Orders that are placed on line or over the phone will be processed immediately and filled through the local Flowerama Columbus store or through the Teleflora network of fine florists.

Voted the best florist in Columbus, we focus on high quality, value pricing, and convenient locations. We love what we do, and are proud of our reputation. With our four great locations in central Ohio, we have grown to be recognized as an industry leader. We are well respected across the country as one of the best flower shops in the country. Locally, Flowerama Columbus has been selected as a Consumers’ Choice winner seven out of the last 8 years. We have a wonderful selection of gorgeous plants.

Thank you for reading our blog. We would be delighted to have you visit us and let us find that perfect houseplant to meet your needs!