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Flowerama Columbus is a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. We have been voted best florist in Columbus Ohio 10 years in a row and operate 4 flower shops. Those shops are located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio.

Send Back to School Flowers from Flowerama Columbus!

It is that time of year when students, teachers and parents are preparing to return to school after the summer break. Some classrooms may be in person while others are virtual. Regardless the exciting anticipation of starting another year of learning is in the air? Whether it is a first time or a returning student or parent, a floral arrangement or gift professionally prepared by the floral designers at Flowerama Columbus will show your student, teacher or parent how much you appreciation them. This thoughtful gesture can be the spark for the school staff, student or parent to start the new school year off with a bang!

Growl Pal Plush

Growl Pal Plush

Back to School During a Pandemic

We all know that this school season is not like any other we have dealt with. The pandemic has left most people fearful and it can be especially difficult for youngsters to grasp and cope. There are numerous articles and studies that dissect the human behavior during a crisis.

Many research studies deal with the psychology of the teachers and their coping mechanisms. A great number of teachers are fearful for their lives and right fully so. Some have updated their wills and others have considered changing careers. There are many research sites that help teachers learn to deal with that anxiety and look for support.

Other studies center around the students and how best to help them deal with the pandemic and the effect it is having on their lives including their schooling. Normally this time of year, students are filled with the anticipation of seeing friends again and hoping for that special teacher that everyone wants to get. The one that makes you want to dig deeper and learn harder.

In this time of much concern it is important that parents and teachers unite to show their children and students a cohesive message of the facts. Young people are influenced by what they see so if parents and teachers focus on educating the younger people on CDC guidelines of washing hands and cleaning policies and less on fear, it will lessen the overall stress children feel.

Researching the numerous studies and advice that is given reflects several areas adults can focus on:

  • Teacher’s set the tone – This is true with adult behavior in general but in dealing with students who are already frightened, a calm and rational teacher tone will be comforting. Professionals recommend that teachers focus on the facts for the students and only share their fears about the pandemic with their fellow adult teachers.
  • Information and communication –  In order for parents to feel confident regarding the safety of their child while he or she is attending school, it is very important that the schools provide consistent and ample information regarding how the school is enforcing stringent cleanliness practices to prevent the spread of  the virus. The confidence this gives the parents will carry over to how they interact with their kids.
  • Dealing with age groups  – The younger the student is the less likely they will have a lot of anxiety. If their home life is calm and happy then they will feel relatively secure. However as students get older they are able to comprehend the gravity of the situation and may tend to be less at ease. Teachers and parents have to keep a close eye on children to watch for signs of aggression or mood swings. It is important to reinforce that social distancing is for the benefit of everyone and not just a restriction placed on any one student.
  • Virtual Learning-  This is a new world for students and requires that teachers try to be flexible in their learning sessions. It may take students a while to learn the proper procedure for logging in. Then it is incumbent on the parents to provide a quiet place where the child can focus without distractions. Needless to say these are challenging times for everyone.

One nice way to deliver a positive message as this school year starts is to send a lovely Flowerama Columbus flower arrangement, green plant or tasty gift basket. Teachers, students or parents will be delighted!

Reach for the Stars


Reach for the Stars

Flowerama Columbus is a family business with the utmost of character. The really cool thing is it is more than just our family. We have one family that has two generations of family members who make this place their home. There are families who have worked with us so long their extended family members sacrifice their hard-earned vacation time to work in our little flower shop the two busiest floral weeks out of the year. In most cases they claim they have to because they say they married one of our store managers.

Whatever the reason for their dedication their sacrifice makes the difference in our success. We have grandparents and siblings offer to baby sit next generation team members just so we can pull off a holiday. We have friends of employees take time off of work to help out at holidays, many times only excepting payment in flowers.

When we think about it, when we put this to paper, it really is extremely humbling what others are willing to do for a shared success. This is not an about us as owners, but more of an about us as a group of people that have formed a great big family that make this little flower shop successful. In fact, this might be more of a thank you than an about us.

Thank you for reading our blog! We look forward to serving you in person at one of our four Flowerama Columbus flowers and gift shops again located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio.  If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, we invite you to login to our convenient and user friendly online store where you will find a large selection of Flowerama flowers and gifts. We wish you a happy new school year!