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Flowerama Columbus has grown to be recognized as an industry leader and is well respected across the country as one of the best flower shops in the country. We have been selected as a Consumers’ Choice winner seven out of the last 8 years.

Our company  is a locally owned and operated florist with four flower shop locations in the greater Columbus, OH area. We offer the best selection of farm fresh flowers, plants and gifts in town. Choose from local same-day or express flower delivery service. Flowerama Columbus has been voted “Best Florist in Columbus” on numerous occasions. Most recently in 2018

We operate four floral design centers in the area, including flower shops in Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Westerville and Whitehall. Our company is family owned and operated by the Ozment family. They live in the greater Columbus area. If you visit any of our floral design centers, you are likely to meet some of the members of the Ozment family. Many of them work in the flower shops. We focus on high quality, value pricing, and convenient locations. We love what we do, and are proud of our reputation. With four locations in central Ohio we are one of the premier florists in our region.

There are so many occasions and reasons why sending flowers is the appropriate gesture and each occasion often calls for a unique floral arrangement or gift. Flowerama Columbus has a wide variety of products. Each one specially designed to show thoughtfulness and caring.

Flowerama Columbus has beautiful plants and flowers for World Teachers Day on 10/5

Good Day Sunshine - Same Day Delivery

Good Day Sunshine

World Teachers Day

October 5 is recognized as World Teachers Day. Around the globe this is a day when teachers are honored for the great things they do to educate young and old alike. Most of us have fond memories of at least one special teacher. That person that made learning fun and made you feel like you could conquer the world. For me it was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Robinson. There was never a day when I did not want to hurry and get ready for school.

Some brief history on World Teachers Day reveals that it was first officially created on October 5, 1994. However, the concept actually occurred earlier in 1966 when there was a conference in Paris with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). These groups felt there was a need to better define teachers rights, responsibilities and general areas of the teaching profession in all countries.

Occasionally referred to as International Teachers Day, October 5th is a day when we can do special things for teachers to show sincere appreciation for all the contributions they make in shaping our world. Each year there is a different theme for the day. Below are some past themes and the current theme for 2020:

  • 2016 – Valuing Teachers and helping to improve their status
  • 2017 – Empowering Teachers to do more
  • 2018 – The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher
  • 2019 – Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession
  • 2020 – For 2020 it is no surprise the pandemic has created new challenges for teachers. Dealing with the rotating schedules of virtual and in class teaching plus the anxiety of students is a new experience. Therefore the theme this year is “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”.
For teachers this is a great time to think back on a person who influenced them to choose teaching as a profession. What a great day to reach out to them and let them know how they so positively impacted your life. As a teacher ask your students to think back on the things that they value in a teacher and even name a few of their favorites. Make it fun by giving them paper and drawing utensils so they can create a poem, letter or thank you card expressing their gratitude.
If you are part of the school administration, make it a point to celebrate World Teachers Day. Your support for the teachers and encouragement for the parents and students to do the same can result in creative and meaningful memories. Using social media virtual school presentations will go along way to motivate and keep teachers focused and digging deep to teach. Here are some facts to share with parents and students to help them better understand the challenges female teachers face:
  • In the country of India for example, there are many remote regions where the number of female teachers is sparse. Basically half the number of teachers in remote places.
  • There is a disproportionate number of female to male teachers in pre-primary education verses in upper secondary education.
  • Women tend to have higher numbers of being teachers for primary education in low-income countries than in higher income countries. About half the number.
There are lots of other interesting facts surrounding the teaching profession like teachers are the third most trusted profession in the UK following doctors and nurses. Primary school teachers spend on average about 782 years per year teaching. There are over 100 countries that celebrate World Teachers Day. And the term “teachers pet” is thought to date back to 1890.
One fact remains very evident and that is teachers play a crucial role in shaping our youth which will in turn have an impact on our future. Show your teacher(s) how much you appreciate them by sending a beautiful floral gift from Flowerama Columbus!
Medium Planter

Medium Planter

Flowerama Columbus is a family business with the utmost of character. The really cool thing is it is more than just our family. We have one family that has two generations of family members who make this place their home. There are families who have worked with us so long their extended family members sacrifice their hard-earned vacation time to work in our little flower shop the two busiest floral weeks out of the year. In most cases they claim they have to because they say they married one of our store managers.

Whatever the reason for their dedication their sacrifice makes the difference in our success. We have grandparents and siblings offer to baby sit next generation team members just so we can pull off a holiday. We have friends of employees take time off of work to help out at holidays, many times only excepting payment in flowers.

When we think about it, when we put this to paper, it really is extremely humbling what others are willing to do for a shared success. This is not an about us as owners, but more of an about us as a group of people that have formed a great big family that make this little flower shop successful. In fact, this might be more of a thank you than an about us.

Thank you for reading our blog! We look forward to serving you in person at one of our four Flowerama Columbus flowers and gift shops again located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio.  If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, we invite you to login to our convenient and user friendly online store where you will find a large selection of Flowerama flowers and gifts.