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When you are in need of express or same day delivery of flowers, Flowerama Columbus is the best company to help you. We are a locally owned and operated florist with four flower shop locations in the greater Columbus, OH area. We offer the best selection of farm fresh flowers, plants and gifts in town. Choose from local same-day or express flower delivery service. Flowerama Columbus has been voted “Best Florist in Columbus” on numerous occasions. Most recently in 2018.

Send a lovely Flowerama Columbus plant or flower arrangement for Boss’s Day on 10/16!

Boss Lady Mug - Same Day Delivery

Boss Lady Mug

Boss’s Day History

In 1958 Patricia Bays Haroski introduced the idea of “National Bosses’ Day” to the United States Chamber of Commerce. She was working for her father as a secretary at a State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois. In her observation, it did not seem clear to younger workers that their supervisors were dedicated, committed and hard working individuals. She felt their dedication needed to be realized and appreciated.

Boss’s Day is special time to honor someone who is not just a boss but rather a mentor and someone who has your back. A person you can feel comfortable asking for guidance and someone you look up to and admire. In other words a true leader. In the words of H.S.M. Burns,  “A good manager is a man who isn’t worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.”

Celebrating Bosses’ Day can be fun and rewarding for the entire team. Below are some creative ideas:

  • Bake a cake – Not everyone can bake but if you join in with the whole team perhaps you can jointly put together a very tasty treat. Plus have some team fun and for a good cause. Of course you may want to make sure a dessert is okay for your boss. Not all people eat dessert for health or dietary reasons.
  • Team thank you card –  Often a card that is signed by the entire team and is thoughtfully selected to represent the fine qualities a boss possesses, is very impactful. To add meaning you can also create hand written notes by team members reflecting their personal views on the great contributions of the boss.
  • A gift –  Most people, bosses included, like to receive gifts. Survey the team. Find out everyone’s thoughts on what boss might like. You want to be sure the gift has symbolic meaning expressed by those that look up to and admire the boss for her or his unique leadership style.
  • Award ceremony –  Create a simple awards ceremony. Involve the team in the planning and make it fun for all. Plan the event when it least impacts work flow but make it long enough to be fun. You can create short speeches about the boss and even come up with small awards. Some noteworthy accomplishments could be, Best Dressed, Coolest Boss Ever, Funniest Boss, Boss that drinks the most coffee in a day etc.
  • After work celebrations – One great thing to get people in a more relaxed mind set is to organize a celebration at an offsite locale. Perhaps a popular restaurant or favorite sports bar where everyone can leave their work personality at the office. You can even do a night of bowling or pool and have team competitions. Of course make sure the boss wins. All jokes aside this is a great way for people to really interact with each other and the boss. Learn more about each other and build a strong bond.
  • Create a thank you video – How much much fun would it be to create a thank you video for the boss. Every company has those employees that love to be center stage and make everyone laugh. With all of the modern electronics at our finger tips, creating a short video is easy. If you can get IT to approve it, perhaps you could post it to You Tube with a private setting and then on bosses day have the link available on the company intranet. Imagine the surprise and delight your boss would have with that welcomed recognition.
  • Potluck party – Have everyone bring their favorite dish that they are proud of creating. Feasts are spectacular events that bring joy. Your boss will be delighted that the event is being held in their honor and more delighted to sample all the goods.

There are countless other ways to celebrate Boss’s Day. One nice way is to send a lovely plant, flower arrangement or tasty food basket from Flowerama Columbus.


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Flowerama Columbus Delivery Service

What makes our flower delivery service so great?

  1. IN DRIVEWAY DELIVERY CONFIRMATION:  Our drivers will call you shortly after your gift has arrived safely to its destination. The driver can tell you what time your gift was delivered or who it was left with, a service FedEx doesn’t even offer. Not everyone will receive a call at major floral holidays due to the high demands put on our personnel during these times. Of course you must provide a working phone number for this service to work.
  2. NON-SPILL TRAVEL BOX: A Flowerama Columbus exclusive. We have custom designed a box to make it easy for you to transport your gift. Transporting flowers can be a lot like trying to transport an upside down bowling pin, only the bowling pin is filled with water and is made of glass. We designed our non-spill travel box so that the average person, under normal driving conditions, can get their flowers home without the flowers falling over.  You can’t get this box from any other florist  in Columbus and it is free with most flower deliveries. We are so confident in our box we use it to transport the flowers to you.
  3. E-MAIL CONFIRMATION: We offer e-mail confirmation of your delivery. When our driver returns from his deliveries we will send you an e-mail letting you know that your delivery has been made. This service requires that you provide us with an accurate e-mail address.
  4. SUNDAY DELIVERY TO FUNERAL HOMES: Many traditional flower shops in Columbus aren’t even open on Sunday. Not only are we open on Sunday we deliver to all the funeral homes in our delivery area. We believe the best way to insure your flowers arrive as fresh as possible is to deliver them on the day they are needed.
  5. FROM OUR DOOR TO YOURS: Your gift never leaves our hands until it is in yours. Our delivery drivers actually deliver your gift from our door to yours. Seems obvious doesn’t it. Well it’s not. Many flower shops in Columbus are in a “Delivery Pool”. This means that the flower shops “pool” or “share” their resources, specifically their delivery drivers and delivery vehicles. They meet every day at a specific location at a specific time then they exchange deliveries with each other. The responsibility of actually delivering your important gift may get passed from one van to another. This saves them time and money; however the flower shop you ordered from has no idea how, or when or who delivered your gift. We believe your gift is far to important to allow someone else to deliver it.

Thank you for reading our blog. Please visit us to find that perfect Boss’s Day floral product!