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Flowerama Columbus is a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. We have been voted best florist in Columbus Ohio 9 or 10 years in a row and operate 4 flower shops. Those shops are located in Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio. We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country. We welcome you to visit our showroom. We feel certain you will be amazed and delighted with our holiday product line!

Send a delicious holiday gift basket from Flowerama Columbus during this special time of year!

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Holiday Treat Favorites

There are so many delicious foods this time of year. Happy memories of our mothers whipping up a batch of fudge, divinity or those yummy little wedding cookies with pecan pieces and coated with powdered sugar. It is so much fun to give a gift of holiday treat to someone and see the smile on their face. I started to wonder what are some of the favorite holiday treats in other parts of the world. Doing a little research yielded some interesting results.

  • Eggnog – If you live in the USA, chances are that someone will hand you a nice cup or glass of this sweet dessert drink. Some refer to it as the nectar of the Gods! Often it is accompanied with a touch of brandy, rum or bourbon. The main ingredients are milk, cream, whipped eggs, sugar and spices.  Not a low calorie beverage but it is enjoyed by many and sold in estimated quantities of 130 million pounds each year.
  • Buche de Noel – The French translation is ‘Yule Log’. A yummy dessert of sponge cake filled butter cream icing and covered with decadent chocolate icing.  Sometimes it is even dusted with powdered sugar.
  • Stollen –   This sweet bread, a favorite holiday treat in Germany, is eaten during the entire Christmas season. It is full of sweet raisins, dried fruit, chopped candied, nuts, cinnamon and cardamom.
  • Panettone – This Italian sweet bread originated in the city of Milan. It comes in cylindrical shape and has candied orange or lemon plus raisins. Sometimes people add chocolate to the recipe.
  • Mince Pies – These desserts are made from dried mixed fruit, brandy and spices. Kind of like the American Fruit Cake, these small Mince Pies are not a favorite in their home land of Australia.
  • Pavlova – This New Zealand holiday treat is actually enjoyed at other times in the year as well as Christmas. It consists of a meringue-based cake that has a delicate, flaky and crunchy crust but inside is a delicious cream filling. Many times it is topped with strawberries and kiwi fruit.
  • Apple Cider – Not a much better holiday treat to get you in the spirit than a warm cup of Apple Cider. In Canada folks do it up right with.  They also have versions  served with the addition of cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg, cloves and other spices. These are referred to as Mulled.
  • Christmas Pudding – Sometimes topped off with a sprig of holly, this boiled cake with dried fruit and spice is a favorite in Britain. Ingredients in the recipe date back for generations and include treacle, molasses, citrus juice or brandy.
  • Turron – When in Spain for Christmas you will find a traditional treat called Turron. The Spanish translation is nougat. This confectionary treat is made up of honey, sugar and egg whites, mixed with toasted almonds, pine nuts or hazelnuts. You can get it hard and crunchy or soft and chewy. It is a favorite Christmas confectionary treat in Spain and actually other parts of Europe. The bite size pieces make it a favorite for popping in your mouth while you celebrate.
  • Natilla – Similar to flan, which most of us are familiar with, Natilla is sweet and little bit spicy. Popular in Colombian, this Christmas pudding gets native Columbians in the spirit of Christmas.  The custard is eaten fried dough balls and pastry filling or in Columbia they are called bunuelos and manjar blanco.
  • Allahabadi Cake –  Named after the city of Allahabad, this Indian cake is similar to the American fruitcake. Although similar to fruitcake, it differs in that it has the addition of marmalade, nuts, ginger and fennel. The Christian population cooks and serves Allahabadi Cake during Christmastide.
  • Makowiec – Some people compare this traditional Polish treat to a poppy seed Swiss Role. It is a Sweet yeast bread that is wrapped around a dense, bittersweet poppy seed or walnut filling
  • Gingerbread – Such a wonderful and well know tradition, Gingerbread is so awesome. In Sweden it is a favorite Christmas treat. The Gingerbread there comes in the form of  biscuits that are thin and crispy. They are spiced with ginger, cinnamon and cloves and often cut into basic shapes such as love hearts or stars.

Flowerama Columbus has delectable holiday treat baskets also!

Cheryl's Christmas Cookies Truck Plate


Flowerama Columbus stands behind our products with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Every single arrangement we design and deliver is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. In essence, if you don’t like the arrangement we delivered, for any reason, we will design and deliver another, of equal or greater value, at absolutely no charge to you. Your satisfaction is our total focus. We have built our reputation of creating the most stunning flower arrangements in town and by ensuring that they exceed the expectations of the customers who put their faith and trust in us. We won’t let you down. When your order from Flowerama of Columbus, rest assured that we will do everything within our power to ensure the experience is absolutely perfect. From the time we greet you in the store or on the phone, to the moment your special someone receives the flowers or gift, you will find us totally focused on producing the best experience possible. That is why the Consumers Choice Awards voters have chosen us as “Best Florist in Columbus” 7 out of the last 8 years in a row!

Thank you for reading our blog. We would be honored to serve you for all of your floral product needs. We have the best floral designers in the industry and we are eager to earn your business!