Shop for wonderful Fall Plants and Flowers at Flowerama Columbus

Flowerama Columbus On September 22, Fall or Autumn officially arrives. This great season lasts until December 21. Already in stores, the Pumpkin Spice aroma is present. Flowerama Columbus and our super talented  floral designers have created lovely Fall flower arrangements and bouquets to help you decorate your home. Flowers and plants add beauty and fragrance as well a feeling of holiday spirit. Flowerama Columbus has a wonderful selection of flower arrangements that will create a sense of sweet freshness and color that pumps up the holiday spirit. Below are some of our favorite Fall selections: Colors of Fall Bouquet - Have some fun in a field of fall colors. This cute arrangement is bursting with beautiful flowers of sunflowers, safari sunset, carnations, roses, solidago and spray roses and Billy balls. Box of Sunshine - A wonderful arrangement that screams all the colors of fall. This artfully designed box is filled with sunflowers, solidago, roses, mums and mixed greenery Fall Fantasia - Absolutely exquisite! This bouquet is a fall flower fantasy come true. All the richness of this colorful season is captured in a stylish cylinder glass vase. So pretty, you might have to order one for a friend and one for yourself! Flowerama Columbus has a great selection of fresh flower arrangements specifically created with the Autumn season in mind. We offer same day delivery as well as express delivery options, four locations, award winning service, and the freshest flowers; we are the best flower shop regardless of the season. What is Fall in central Ohio? Ohio State football games, tailgating, bonfires, corn stalks and straw bales, crisp air and crunchy leaves, and of course fresh flowers delivered by Flowerama Columbus.   Bouquet of flowers including Sunflowers and Roses Reynoldsburg Florist - Same [...]

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Honor the International Day of Peace with floral products from Flowerama Columbus

Flowerama Columbus On this International Day of Peace September 21st, send beautiful and tasteful flowers from Flowerama Columbus. This special day was created to promote peace and the elimination of war. Our flowers and floral products are perfect to bring a sense of calm and wonderment. In 1981 the International Day of Peace was created by the United Nations General Assembly.  Then about twenty years later the General Assembly voted to designate this day as a time of world wide peace. Their goal was to have a time of cease - fire. All nations are invited to participate in this observance. In 2013 the Secretary - General of the United Nations dedicated  International Day of Peace as a day to focus on world peace. The awareness this day creates for peace is solely devoted to the hope that the occurrence of war can be reduced. It is observed annually on September 21. Each year the the Peace Bell of the United Nations is rung in New York City. This is the UN official headquarters. Amazingly the bell is made from coins that were donated from children across the globe in numerous continents. An inscription on the bell reads "Long live absolute world peace". The United Nations Association of Japan dedicated the bell as a gift and as symbol of the cost of human life caused by war. Flowerama Columbus and our talented floral designers are skilled at producing flower arrangements and bouquets that can create a sense of caring and harmony. International Day of Peace is the perfect day to put aside all differences and ponder what is important to man kind. In many parts of the world people are struggling with violence and harshness that is unspeakable. The unification brought about by the International Day [...]

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September Birthdays are always better with Flowers from Flowerama Columbus

Flowerama Columbus September Birthdays are extra special when you add gorgeous flowers and floral products from Flowerama Columbus. Plus if you are one of those that sometimes forgets special occasions, no worry as Flowerama Columbus offers same day delivery! So what does it mean to have a September Birthday. Well scientifically speaking, you were born in the ninth month of the year for both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Also September is one of fourth months like April, June and November that only have 30 days. As you shop for September Birthday flowers at Flowerama Columbus, our professional floral designers will be happy to help you with your selection. Some of official flowers of September are: Forget-Me-Not - Resembling mouse ears their petals have a unique appearance. Morning Glory - These lovely flowers bloom in early morning and fade as the temperatures of the day start to heat up. The morning glory is also a symbol of affection. Aster - Shaped like a star there are approximately 180 varieties of aster. Asters are symbols of powerful love, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. September's birthstone is the sapphire. This gem symbolizes the ability for clear thinking. Then like most months September has two Zodiac signs. One is Virgo which is defined as the days from August 23 to September 22. The second zodiac sign is defined as the days from September 23 to October 23. For September Birthdays, please come in and browse our lovely collection: Lookin Like a Rockstar - Have a total Rockstar in your life? Color any occasion beautiful with this lovely Rockstar bouquet of hydrangea, roses and lilies in all the colors of the rainbow. Rosy Day Birthday Bouquet - Lush lavender and purple birthday flowers in a dramatic lavender cube vase - [...]

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Celebrate Grandparent’s day with Flowers and Plants from Flowerama Columbus

Flowerama Columbus Grandparents are special people and an important part of the family. Flowerama Columbus has a beautiful assortment of colorful and thoughtful flower arrangements that will make Grandparents feel appreciated this Grandparent's Day on September 12th. The history of this Nationally recognized day started in 1969 when a young nine year old boy, Russell Capper wrote a letter to President Nixon asking to make a special day for Grandparents. Russell received a thank you note back but it said these types of special observance days needed to be authorized by Congress. However, a housewife from West Virginia, Marian McQuade, kept up her fight for a national  holiday to honor grandparents and finally won her cause in 1978. In 1977, Senator Randolph, with the help of other senators, introduced a joint resolution to the senate requesting the president to “issue annually a proclamation designating the first Sunday of September after Labor Day of each year as ‘National Grandparents’ Day’.” Congress passed the legislation, proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparent’s Day. On August 3, 1978,  President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation to designate the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. This day was cited as a day to "to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children, and to help children become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer". Today there are variations of Grandparents Day in numerous countries around the world. This Grandparent's Day shop with Flowerama Columbus for the perfect floral gift to make your grandparents smile! Violets in an Embossed Pastel Tin - Two lovely violet plants in an embossed spring tin accented with a butterfly. Note: Embossed tin color and flower color may vary 3 Rose Vessel [...]

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