Shop our “Fall Splendor” flower assortment at Flowerama Columbus

Flowerama Columbus We Operate 4 Flower Shops In The Columbus Ohio Area and offer Same Day Flower Delivery Columbus, Ohio | Reynoldsburg Ohio | Westerville Ohio | Whitehall Ohio   Flowerama Columbus has been voted the best florist in Columbus, we focus on high quality, value pricing, and convenient locations. We love what we do, and are proud of our reputation. With four locations in central Ohio Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Westerville and Whitehall we have grown to be recognized as an industry leader and is well respected across the country as one of the best flower shops in the country. Locally, Flowerama Columbus has been selected as a Consumers’ Choice winner seven out of the last 8 years. a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country. Today we have three generations of family members and every single one has worked in the flower shops at one point of their lives. In fact, at least one member from each generation is currently working in the flower shops in one way or another. Now this is not always the case, because some of our youngest generation travels off to college from time to time, but they often help out if only at the holidays. Flowerama Columbus offers four great locations where you can shop. However, if you prefer online shopping, we have made a large investment in our computer system allowing you the a user friendly environment to browse our products and then have them shipped any where in the country. Shop our "Fall Splendor" flower assortment at Flowerama Columbus ! Fall [...]

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Fall in Love With Our Autumn Floral Designs

Fall officially arrived toward the end of September and we are now in full swing with fall gifts and fall events that can be enhanced by our autumn flower bouquets and fall flower arrangements. Here are some highlights of our latest fall flower collection available at our Columbus flower shops and through our website: Autumn Morning Autumn Morning offers sunflowers, red standard roses, alstroemeria and orange miniature roses along with golden aster and seasonal greenery in a glass vase. Pumpkin Patch This rustic fall floral arrangement features seasonal flowers and a pumpkin accent. Fabulous Fall Roses This is an autumn bouquet in a serendipity vase with 12 stems of miniature roses that have multiple blooms per stem. Autumn Sensation This is a modern floral design with sunflowers, pink and orange snapdragons, purple lisianthus, and yellow alstroemeria all displayed in a cobalt blue vase. Sunny Sunbury This cheerful flower arrangement offers numerous sunflowers arranged in a glass bubble bowl along with curly willow accents. Clintonville Wonder Enjoy a festive and bright fall arrangement with this mix of roses, alstroemeria, spray roses, daisies, hypericum berries and more in a glass vase that has been tied with a satin ribbon. Amber Amour Orange and yellow hues highlight this beautiful fall bouquet, which consists of sunflowers, gerbera daisies, berries, and hydrangea along with red anthurium and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass vase. Time to place your order in our Columbus flower shop, by phone, or online. You can also stop in and see our fall decor and gift items as well as schedule an appointment with our floral design team to create custom fall bouquets or arrangements for a gift or upcoming autum event.

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Green Plants and Fall Flowers For Celebrating and Decorating

September offers National Indoor Plant Week during the third week of the month. Plus, it's the month when fall arrives, which is September 22nd. Both events are an ideal time to consider adding more green plants to your home or office or gifting them to a friend, family member, or colleague. After all, green plants are known to provide health benefits like cleaner air. Our Columbus flower shops and website offer a wide range of green plants and our fall flower collection. Here are some of the highlights: Jade Vibes The 6" Jade plant arrives in a concrete style container. It prefers to be in the full sun so place it near a window. Keep the soil on the drier side. Hello Aloe An aloe vera plant is displayed in a contemporary container. As part of the succulent family, the aloe vera plant is easy to take care of. Also, place it in bright light. Three Amigos Succulent Collection You'll receive three succulents arranged in concrete container that are finished off with green moss. This collection can be displayed together or broken up. Succulents  need sunlight for a few hours a day and minimal water. Stylish Green Garden A peace lily and garden ivy are arranged together in a blue and white delft container. It creates a beautiful, serene garden for a home or office. Friendly Ferns This ceramic container includes three small planted ferns. This type of plant likes humid conditions and indirect sunlight. Potted Succulent This potted succulent arrives in a concrete container. It's small so it fits just about anywhere! Don't forget to also check out our fall flower collection. For example, Autumn Morning includes sunflowers, red standard roses, alstroemeria, and orange miniature roses along with golden aster and greenery in a modern [...]

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Fall Floral Delights and Gifts Have Arrived in Columbus!

September 22nd is the official start to fall, but we have been ready to start celebrating this special time of year for many weeks now. Our Columbus flower shops have put together a new fall collection of flowers and gifts that you can view at each location. Of course, you can also see many of these items on our website! This year's collection has some old favorites as well as new items that make great gifts for upcoming special days. There are also many items that work well for home or office decor or as part of a fall wedding. There are also fall items for holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, which are just around the corner. To get you in the fall frame of mind, check out these great items from our new fall collection: Amber Amour is a mix of yellow and orange flowers. It contains sunflowers, gerbera daisies, berries, and hydrangea along with red anthurium and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass vase. Autumn Sunset is a unique floral arrangement that comes in a wooden box. Within the box are orange roses, blue thistle, sunflowers, protea, berries, and ivy. Harvest Moon is something truly unique for fall. It includes orange roses, sunflowers, protea, kangaroo paw, and berries. Completing the look are a mix of ivy and a succulent. Besides flowers, we also have some great fall gifts. Our Apple Pie Candle is made by the Beaver Creek Candle Company in Lisbon, Ohio. These completely hand-poured candles are made to look like realistic pies. The company also uses premium candle fragrances to scent their product. The 9" pie is packaged in an actual clear pie box. Besides apple, there are other flavors like cherry, coconut, and strawberry. Cheryl's Cookies has many fall-themed cookies [...]

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Celebrating the Arrival of Autumn in Columbus with Fall Flowers & Gifts

Here in Columbus the weather is already changing so we know that fall is here. We’ve actually been preparing for the new season for a few weeks now, creating a new fall collection of flowers and gifts for the season, including upcoming holidays like the Jewish New Year, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. If you have upcoming celebrations or want to decorate your home for the fall season, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Columbus flower shops and our floral website have an array of fall flowers, fall gifts, and fall décor that you can order now. Here are just a few of the items from this year’s fall collection: • Amber Amour contains fall blooms like gerbera daisies, berries, hydrangea, sunflowers, red anthurium and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass vase. • Sugar Maples offers orange roses, hypericum, and seeded eucalyptus set among fall leaves in a terra-cotta pot. • Forever Fall features textured pincushion protea, red berries, bupleurum and green dianthus in an orange vase. • Moonlight is a fall centerpiece designed on a tray that features a battery-operated lantern surrounded by berries, hydrangea, sunflowers, protea and greenery. • Rich Autumn Colors includes lisianthus, sunflowers, rust-colored calla lilies, protea, roses and garden ivy in a glass vase. • Fall Frolic has rust-colored calla lilies, Queen Anne’s lace, hydrangea, sunflowers, rust-colored football mums, textured broomcorn and dusty miller in a compote-style vase. • Wild and Free contains textured pincushion protea, green Fuji mums, Queen Anne’s lace, Billy balls, purple waxflower, purple dendrobium orchids and a red anemones in a rustic clay pot. Be sure to order now for best selection! You can visit our Columbus flower shops, call us, or order online right now! Don't forget that we also have fall plants and delicious [...]

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Fall is in the Columbus Air!

The official date for the start of fall is September 23rd but it already feels like the weather is changing. The air certainly looks different in our four Columbus flower shops with the arrival of fall flowers that we are now using in our fall flower collection of fall flower bouquets, fall flower centerpieces, and fun and festive Halloween flower arrangements. Just to get you in the mood for fall and to give you ideas for gifts for fall special occasions or decorations for fall weddings or fall events, check out these new items from our fall flower collection: Sugar Maples offers a large terra-cotta pot that contains chrysanthemums, orange roses, hypericum and seeded eucalyptus along with fall leaves for a rustic fall look. Orange Fields are, well, very orange, with numerous orange and yellow flower varieties arranged in a handmade wooden Amish basket made locally in Ohio. Fall Blush has an array of colors, including bi-colors and brightly hued lilies along with a mercury class hurricane vase that doubles as a great keepsake and décor item. Vibrant Sensation is a sophisticated display of hydrangea, waxflower, and roses. The Sunflower Topiary is a great gift, centerpiece, or item to display in your home during the fall season. It has sunflowers that appear to be shooting up for a fall garden that is growing below these blooms. Just to give you a quick glimpse for Halloween, here is one of our special flower arrangements: Spooky Sweet comes in a black glass vase with orange and green flowers that has a spider that sits upon the top of the floral display to wish you a Happy Halloween. There are more to come for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving, so enjoy the start of fall by ordering online, [...]

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Enjoy the Splendor of Fall Flowers

Autumn started last week but we were already ready with our collection of fall flower arrangements in our Columbus flower shop as well as on display through our online flower shop. Our incredible team of floral designers is showcasing the dramatic colors and textures of fall with a new collection of fall flower bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces that can be used as décor for the upcoming holidays as well as for fall parties, fall weddings, and fall gifts for loved ones. To get you in the same mood for fall as we are, we thought we would highlight some of the most spectacular choices we are offering this season: Doggone Fall This unique floral arrangement is a dog made of white carnations and surrounded by fall leave in a pumpkin display. Warm Fall Wishes This elegant fall flower arrangement includes a dozen roses with miniature roses and bright green berries. Glittery Pumpkin This fall flower arrangement offers an array of flowers, including daisies, carnations, lilies, golden aster and statice as well as berries in a pumpkin with glittery accents. Safari Sunset This stunning floral bouquet includes sunflowers, orange miniature roses, red berries and safari sunset. Autumn Sunrise This floral arrangement is a unique combination of green hanging amaranthus, orange roses, broom corn and hot pink celosia that has been finished with a natural burlap ribbon. Fiery Autumn This fall flower arrangement includes red asters, alstromeria, red hypericum berries and a fiery orange sunflower arranged in a burlap cylinder container. Cornucopia Every fall table could use a cornucopia display and this one has rovers, roses, and miniature pumpkins for a very festive look. Be sure to check out our entire fall flower collection online and in our store, which also features floral centerpieces with and without [...]

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