Flowerama Columbus has the best Roses for this National Rose Month

Flowerama Columbus The super talented floral designers at Flowerama Columbus are ready for National Rose month with amazingly fresh and gorgeous Roses. Such a beautiful flower and truly the most pleasant experience to "stop and smell the roses". National Rose Month is dedicated to Roses. June is a great month for Roses as they are typically in full bloom. Also many weddings take place in June and Roses are a favorite flower for weddings. There are an amazing 150 plus species of Roses and for many years they have been a favorite flower used by authors and artists. In the United States, several states use varieties of both wild and domesticated roses as their state flower. In New York, the official flower is any color of rose.Ā  North Dakota and Iowa called the Prairie Rose as their state flower. The Cherokee Rose is Georgia's state flower and finally the "Oklahoma Rose" is the state flower of Oklahoma. There are some really cool facts about the Rose. Below are a few of those: There are only three flowers mentioned in the Bible and the Rose is one of those three. Roses have a long life expectancy. There are fossils of the Rose dating back to 35 million years. In ancient times, the Romans used Roses for decorations and because of their wonderful fragrance they used them as necklaces. Roses are one of the more expensive flowers and the most expensive is the Juliet. It took 15 years to breed this variety. The tallest Rose bush ever recorded is 18 feet 8 inches. It is located in La Puente California and is a variety called Bewitched hybrid tea rose. Though there is a Rose referred to as the Black Rose, this is actually a Rose that has [...]