Beat the Heat This Summer with Bright Summer Flowers

Flowerama Columbus The Best Columbus, Ohio Flower Shop For Summer Flowers and our four convenient locations offer same day delivery of fresh flowers and roses across town and throughout the United States! Orders that are placed online or over the phone will be processed immediately and filled through the local Flowerama store or through the Teleflora network of fine florists. We have four flower shop locations throughout the Columbus area to serve you. Come visit us at our florists in Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Westerville, or Whitehall. The award winning floral design team at Flowerama is one of the very best in Ohio. This week, they are busy creating gorgeous Summer themed flower arrangements. By the end of the week, the walk-in coolers at all four of our design centers will be full of bright, cheery, Summer designs. Summer officially arrived on June 21st and we are already enjoying the seasonal weather here in Columbus. To beat the heat why not enjoy the beauty of summer with bright, bold flowers? We have our summer collection that now has arrived just in time for all summer celebrations like summer weddings and the 4th of July. Here are some summer flower designs waiting for you to order from our Columbus flower shops or website: Summer Lovin This floral design captures summer with its bright floral colors. There are hot pink gerbera daisies, miniature orange roses, orange lilies hydrangea, and more.  There are three sizes to choose from. Hello Beautiful This compact flower arrangement arrives in a clear glass cube.  It includes roses, alstroemeria, and mini carnations along with greenery accents. Fancy-Free Grove City Orange and hot pink define this summer bouquet of roses, alstroemeria, and carnations. Smile For Me Obetz A glass bubble bowl overflows with colorful summer flowers that [...]

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Celebrating the Summer Season in Columbus with Flowers

We officially welcomed the summer season on June 21st and now have our summer flower collection ready in our Columbus flower shops as well as on our website so you can order your summer flowers for those special summer days, personal celebrations with loved ones, or decor for your home or office to bring the summer indoors. We are excited to bring you many new summer flower arrangements, including a special collection of summer flower cubes that are compact but bursting with bright colors and gorgeous flowers. Here are some highlights from our summer flower collection that you can use now and throughout the summer, including any special parties you plan to have for the Fourth of July: Summer in Plain City is named after Plain City, Ohio and includes orange roses, pink Asiatic lilies, orange alstroemeria, dark pink carnations, yellow sunflowers and yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums in a classic glass vase. Smile For Me Obetz includes a floral display of hot pink roses, orange spray roses, purple carnations and more in a glass bubble bowl. Sunny Sunbury is inspired by the town of Sunbury and offers an overflowing amount of sunflowers in a glass bubble bowl along with curly willow. Pastel Fields is a summer flower basket arrangement that was made by a local Amish artist. The basket includes roses, hydrangea, hypericum berries and miniature carnations. Lewis Center Breeze offers a collection of bright yellow and white blossoms, creating a cheerful and summery floral presentation. It contains white hydrangea and green carnations along with lemon-yellow lilies, gerberas, and chrysanthemums. Columbus Summer Exclusive puts your flower arrangement in the hands of our talented floral design team to create something custom and special to you. Just tell them your budget and some of your favorite colors [...]

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July’s Flower is the Larkspur

The Larkspur is the official flower of July. It is a great flower to enjoy this summer in many types of flower arrangements and bouquets for a special gift or even to just decorate your home. About the Larkspur The larkspur is part of the buttercup family known as Ranunculaceae. Their flowers are complex in a similar way to orchids with petals and sepals. The flowers are irregularly shaped and tend to bloom in a vertical grouping along the upper end of the plant’s stalk. Colors include everything from white to blue to violet. There are also other colors, including red and pink among the other species. They go nicely with many other types of summer flowers, including roses, sunflowers, lilies and more. Some key facts about larkspur include: Larkspur flowers, with tall spikes, make excellent cut flowers, particularly Consolida ambigua and Consolida orientalis varieties. Larkspur flowers tend to be fragile and relatively short lived in the vase (under 7 days). Larkspur flowers grow to their full potential in climates that have cool, moist summers. The Larkspur plant is toxic because its stem and seeds contain alkaloids. Larkspur look identical to perennial Delphiniums. Our Larkspur Flower Arrangements We have a number of summer flower arrangements that feature the larkspur like these beauties: Sapphire Miracle offers white larkspur along with blue delphinium and lilies. Be Mine features larkspur, carnations, miniature roses and lilies in a uniquely shaped glass vase. Hugs is a wicker basket flower arrangement that has been filled with larkspur, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers along with a plush teddy bear. We offer other special flower arrangements with larkspur or you can work with our floral design team to incorporate this July flower into a custom flower arrangement. Come in and see what we have in [...]

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Flowers & Gifts for Special Family Days in July

The month of July includes the 4th of July as well as many special occasion days related to food, but it also features numerous special occasion days that are meant to celebrate certain family members. For example, here are some of the special occasion days directed at family: Cousin’s Day and Parent’s Day—July 24 Aunt & Uncle Day—July 26 Father-in-Law Day—July 30 These days call for recognition in the form of a special gift to let them know just how much you care and what they mean to you. Our selection of summer flowers is a great place to start: Summer in Plain City is a radiant bouquet with orange roses and alstromeria, sunflowers, yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, dark pink c carnations and pink Asiatic lilies in a glass vase. Sun-sational Grandview Heights contains 20 sunflowers in a glass vase that is simple, yet so elegant. It’s sure to brighten a loved one’s day. Citrus ‘n Blooms is a bright floral display with roses, miniature roses, miniature carnations and alstromeria in shades of hot pink, yellow, and orange. Whimsical Whitehall is a stunning glass cube arrangement in hues of pink and orange with roses, carnations, gerbera daisies and more. Many of our summer flower arrangements also match the top fashion colors of 2016 and represent an array of floral styles: Sunny Smiles contains numerous varieties of yellow flowers to create a warm and cheery summer flower arrangement. Serenade in Blue offers a cool and sublime flower arrangement with lilies, roses, hydrangea and delphinium in shades of blue, white, and cream. Of course, we also have great gifts like Cheryl’s Cookies, Coblentz Chocolates, green and blooming plants, and Yankee Candles just to name a few other ideas. Plus, we have OSU-inspired flower arrangements for the die-hard [...]

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Summer Flowers & 4th of July Parties

Just in time for the first day of summer on June 20th, our summer flowers have arrived. That means it’s time to decorate the house with these bright and bold colors as well as think about all the special occasions and events this summer that could use beautiful flowers, including any 4th of July parties or barbecues. Our summer flower collection contains a wide range of floral designs, styles, and prices as well as colors to suit your preference and budget. To show you what we mean, check out these highlights from the summer flower catalogue: Yellow Fellow is a unique topiary comprised of yellow lilies arranged in a terra-cotta pot with fresh greenery. Sunny Smiles offers a stunning bright display of flowers that is like summer in a vase. Romantic Reynoldsburg offers light pink spray roses and mini carnations along with green miniature hydrangea in a glass cube. Delicate Blooms showcases pink roses, white lilies, and other summer flowers in this exquisite bouquet. Flower arrangements can offer a cooling sensation, especially when they mix blue, white, and cream flowers. Serenade in Blue has lilies, roses, delphinium and hydrangea while Sapphire Skies has creamy roses, snow-white lilies, and more. Scents and Blooms is a great display for your home, as a centerpiece for a summer party, or as a special gift. It offers fresh flowers and a large Yankee Candle. The flower colors will be coordinated with the candle scent option, offering numerous choices for you or your loved one. Roses are one of the most popular flowers and are in peak season over the summer. It's not too late to get in on celebrating June as National Rose Month! We also have a number of patriotic flower arrangements, patriotic floral centerpieces, patriotic wreaths and [...]

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Creating Smiles for Everyone During National Smile Week

The second week of August is National Smile Week, which means encouraging smiles and joy in those around us. We know that flowers are a great way to make someone smile because it means that someone went out of their way to pick something colorful and beautiful to send to a friend, family member, colleague, or client. We’re here to help with some great ideas for everyone you know: Smiles for Kids Hello Kitty is a treasured favorite that is recreated here in the form of flowers in a basket. Everyone loves Elmo -- even one that is made from carnations. Leo Lion brings the smiles as this sweet lion made out of carnations and arranged in a clay pot offers a great gift for kids. Piggly Wiggly Woo is a cute pink pig made from pink carnations that have been arranged in a clay pot. Smiles for Women The Be Sweet Bouquet combines roses and pink hydrangea in a glass cube. Enchanted New Albany has lavender pink flowers that include roses, hydrangea, monte casino asters, eucalyptus and salal in a clear glass vase. Scents and Blooms combines a stunning floral display with the gift of a large Yankee Candle. Smiles for Guys Seradnade in Blue has lilies, roses, hydrangea and delphinium. Groveport Gardens features sunflowers, roses, snapdragons, stock, and button spray chrysanthemums as well as myrtle, salal, and pittosporum. Hot Diggity Dog is a dog made from carnations, daisy poms, and greenery. Delivery for National Smile Week Order now online, in our Columbus flower shop, or by phone today. We can deliver throughout the Columbus area and around the country through our flower shop partnership network.

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A Centurion Celebration with 100 Roses

We recently held a local contest on Facebook to give away a summer flower arrangement. The Columbus winner decided to pay it forward and asked that the flower arrangement be given to someone else that could use a smile. Well, we decided to go a few steps beyond that. Instead of just one arrangement, we decided to take 100 roses to Willow Brook Christian Village, a senior community in Delaware, Ohio this past Friday. A friend of ours goes to Willow Brook and often does karaoke with the seniors there. We often take corsages for the special ladies from our Columbus flower shop. The ladies at Willow Brook are always so pleased to receive corsages and mention how beautiful the flowers are. We picked July 17th because we heard that one of the residents, Mary, was celebrating her 100th birthday while her friend, Belvadel, would soon celebrate turning 104!   This was the perfect opportunity to bring in 100 roses to mark such a special birthday. It’s quite an accomplishment to reach the century mark and even surpass it like these two ladies. As you can see from the pictures, everyone had an amazing night of karaoke and fun while also enjoying their beautiful roses. It was a special moment for us too as it reminded us of the power nature has to brighten someone’s day and that it is the small things we do in life that often have the greatest impact. Our Community Spirit It doesn’t get much better than this when we can participate in a special event where we see the spirit of community, sharing, and the ability to be present for people in action. This is a hallmark of Flowerama and something that we focus on every chance we get whether [...]

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A Summer Scoop of Floral Displays

Our summer flower collection has arrived and we want to share some of the best we have to offer for your summer occasions, parties, gift giving, and festivities, including 4th of July. Our fresh flower arrangements are available in our Columbus flower shop as well as through our online flower shop. Check these beauties out: Oh Happy Days offers gerbera daisies, polka dots, and a smiley face in a garden style arrangement. Ohio’s Country Roads arrangement has wild flowers and brightly colored hues that reflect the bright summer days here in Columbus. Smile a Dot is another yellow-themed arrangement with white daisies and yellow alstromeria in a clear glass cube that has been tied with a polka dot bow. Sunny Smiles is a brightly colored arrangement of many flower varieties that is sure to set off a summer party table. Make a Wish comes in bright colors that include yellow daisy chrysanthemums, purple asters, red and orange carnations, and more in a vase that has been wrapped with a polka dot bow. Summer Melody features iris, Fuji mums, daisies, spray roses, carnations, monte casino and greenery in a bubble bowl. Citrus n Booms has orange roses, yellow miniature roses, orange alstromeria, and hot pink miniature carnations for a colorful display and décor for the summer season. Besides these colorful summer flowers, we also have summer plants, summer blooming plants, and dish gardens that are sure to provide decorative cheer both inside and outside the home, including the deck, patio, or balcony. Come in and shop our Columbus flower shop and discover what’s new for the summer time. We will be having a number of sales and promotions to add extra value to your summer flower gift giving and decorating needs.

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