Celebrate Chocolate Day and National Sugar Cookie Day with Cheryl’s Cookies

There are some delicious celebratory days coming up here in July. These include Chocolate Day on July 7th and National Sugar Cookie Day on July 9th. To celebrate these special food days in July, consider Cheryl's Cookies, which are locally made here in Ohio and offer a fresh, delicious way for you and special people in your lives to celebrate both Chocolate Day and National Sugar Cookie Day. We offer all types of quantities and flavors. Each cookie is individually wrapped to guarantee freshness. You can buy them by the dozen or get special quantities like a basket of 40.  There are delicious options like chocolate-chocolate cookies with chocolate batter and large chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. Or, you can choose from our buttercream frosted sugar cookies with vanilla, strawberry, lime, lemon and other seasonal flowers. You can even get sugar cookies with no frosting. There are also special Cheryl's Cookies like heart-shaped cookies or those with birthday sprinkles. We can also create special sugar cookie celebrations for an upcoming baby arrival for a baby shower. Our favorites are the combination assortments of Cheryl's Cookies to enjoy and sample many of the flavors available.  The assortment collections may include yummy flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate-chocolate chip, sugar, famous buttercream frosted cut-out cookies and other seasonal favorites. Call or visit our Columbus flower shops to place your Cheryl's Cookie order. For greater convenience, you can also go on our website and order directly from your computer or mobile device for local and national delivery.

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Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day with Cheryl’s Cookies

National Sugar Cookie Day is July 9th so it's the perfect time to let that loved one know you are thinking of them by sending a sweet treat. Of course, you might also want to treat yourself to some sugar cookies as well. Here, at Flowerama Columbus, we've made celebrating National Sugar Cookie Day convenient by offering you a way to order some delicious sugar cookies from our brand partner, Cheryl's Cookies. You can first choose the quantity of these individually wrapped cookies. You can get as few as a half dozen to as many as 100 cookies. We also offer some special cookie packages that are for welcoming a baby girl or baby boy. Then, there is our OSU spirit collection, including OSU gift boxed selections. Of course, you can get the sugar cookies with a wide variety of buttercream icing choices like Strawberry, Lime, Lemon or Plain Buttercream. It's hard to know which ones to get because they all look so good! That's why you may want to consider one of our assorted variety packs so you can try a bunch of flavors. Besides the sugar cookie choices, Cheryl's Cookies also features other types of cookies, including chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal with raisins, birthday cake and chocolate-chocolate chip just to name a few. We offer same day Cheryl's Cookie delivery anywhere in Columbus, Ohio. They are also available for sale, consumption, or delivery from our retail stores located in Reynoldsburg, Westerville, Columbus, and Whitehall. We do have some delivery restrictions related to local hospitals here in Columbus so check with us about this if you are planning to deliver these cookies to those locations. National Sugar Cookie Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy Cheryl's Cookies but don't forget that there are [...]

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