Celebrate Spring Holidays Like Plant a Flower Day and St. Patrick’s Day

With spring fast approaching now that we are into March and Daylight Savings Time arriving this weekend on March 11th, it's time to think about some of the special occasion days during the month where it's a great idea to send flowers or get some for yourself. Two special March days fast approaching include Plant a Flower Day on March 12th and St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. Here are some special flower arrangements to celebrate these spring events: Doggone Lucky is a dog made from carnations that is already in the midst of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. It's a fun and festive way to celebrate this popular spring holiday. Shamrockin' Cocktail is also a clever way to celebrate and even decorate for a St. Patrick's Day party. It comes in a keepsake martini glass and is filled with green carnations and white daisies. Cup O' Luck gives you a glass of that green beer made from a glass beer stein and light green carnations. Emerald Elegance is a sophisticated way to celebrate the holiday with a mix of green and yellow flowers in a glass cube vase. Spring Luster brings the color with yellow, pink, purple and green flowers, including numerous spring blooms. Spring Delight offers delphinium, lilies, tulips, and spray roses in a range of colors.. Spring Sonata comes in a terra-cotta pot as a homage to the idea of gardening and planting flowers. This rustic flower arrangement is filed with spring blooms and greenery to welcome the season. Come visit our Columbus flower shops to see these and more!