Remembering Lost Loved Ones at the Holidays with Grave Blankets

While we enjoy the holidays with loved ones, not all the ones we would like to celebrate are there. In fact, we may have lost loved ones, making the holidays a more emotional time. There are beautiful ways to ensure that those lost loved ones are never too far away during the holidays. One way is to create a grave blanket or buy one from a florist. The Grave Blanket Made in many different sizes, styles, and colors, a grave blanket offers a beautiful way to remember your loved one during the holidays. This has been a long-standing tradition, first being used for the Christmas season but now also seen for other special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries. These are believed to provide an uplifting experience while visiting a gravesite, providing comfort for everyone. While originally just made of evergreen, the grave blanket is also now made from other types of plant materials and dried flowers. These may also include special objects added for sentimental reasons. The grave blankets cover the ground at the base of a grave, providing a physical way to express the emotion of missing a loved one. The blankets are made by attaching evergreen branches and any other materials to a floral foam or a wire base. This can be attached to the ground to keep the blanket in place. Before adding a blanket to a gravesite, be sure to check with the cemetery on how to anchor it as well as if this is allowed or can be watered regularly to keep it green and fresh. Our Funeral Blanket Selection and Graveside Holiday Arrangements We offer a funeral blanket in small, medium, and large with the large one measuring approximately six feet. This handmade grave blanket is made with evergreen [...]