Homecoming Arrives in Columbus

Columbus high schools are ready for another Homecoming weekend full of festivities. Are you ready for your kids to attend the big homecoming dance? It's another year of finding the best outfit and preparing to look your best. The one part that you don't have to worry about is homecoming flowers. That's because all of our Columbus flower shops are ready to help. We have a collection of homecoming flowers. Plus, you can pick up your custom corsage or custom boutonniere for homecoming at any of our Columbus florist locations. We even have a Diva line of homecoming flowers for that couture look that will set your child apart from the rest on that crowded dancefloor. These special homecoming corsages have more bling, including rhinestones and other stunning features. Here are some great examples of homecoming corsages: Tropical Night includes a trio of keepsake rhinestone bracelets. It also features dendrobium orchids in a choice of lilac, white, or purple. Ribbon color can also be customized. Purple Passion includes a reusable bracelet and purple lights. You can choose the type of purple flowers and hues to include to complement the outfit. Wild Child - Mixed has a cheetah print ribbon and feathers along with a combination of flower varieties and color options. Daisy Girl - Mixed can be made with gerbera daisies or traditional daisies. Greenery and other accents complete the look. Striking - Yellow is a bold and unique look. It combines yellow flowers like sunflowers or other flowers of your choice with ribbons that feature black and white stripes or dots. Tropical Night with Feathers also comes with three rhinestone bracelets along with feathers, ribbons, and a choice of dendrobium orchids. Place your order today!

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Homecoming Arrives in Columbus

All of our Columbus area high schools are ready for Homecoming weekend, which includes alumni from years past returning to enjoy a homecoming football game and other festivities like a homecoming parade and the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. There’s also an incredible homecoming dance that provides an opportunity to get dressed up and create some magic moments that will be remembered long past high school. We’re here to help with homecoming flowers, including homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres as well as homecoming bouquets for the homecoming court, homecoming float flowers, and homecoming centerpieces for the dance. Here are some examples of the wide range of homecoming flowers we offer in terms of colors and styles many of which can be customized to match your school colors: • The Four Sweetheart Rose Wrist Corsage offers four roses along with baby’s breath and greenery. You can specify your preferred rose color. There are also other wrist corsages with fewer roses or even more roses. • The Three Mini Carnation Wrist Corsage includes three mini carnations along with baby’s breath and greenery. You can also choose the color of carnation. We also offer a Five Mini Carnation Wrist Corsage. • The Two Daisy Pin On Corsage has two daisies, baby’s breath, and greenery. Again, the color of daisy is up to you. We also have our Homecoming corsage diva collection that offers a lot of bling and some luxurious floral displays. Of course, there are boutonnieres to match every one of these stunning homecoming corsages! Our homecoming flowers are fresh, unique, and affordable. We can also schedule an appointment for you to meet with our floral design team if you would like to bring in your dress and have a custom homecoming corsage and boutonniere [...]

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Homecoming in Columbus

All the local high schools here in Columbus are celebrating Homecoming, a special time of year when new and returning students come together with alumni to celebrate their school spirit at a big football game and the even more important homecoming dance. Lots of plans go into the big dance, including getting a dress, renting a tux, and hiring that limo. Once these are arranged, it’s also time to think about ordering homecoming flowers, including a homecoming corsage and matching homecoming boutonniere. Here at Flowerama Columbus, we are ready with a range of styles, colors, and prices to suit every style and budget. For example, we offer what we like to call our Diva line of corsages, which are full of personality and offer a bold display. These corsages start at $35 and offer over 30 different bracelets to chose from with accessories that can be added to each corsage, including rhinestones, feathers, butterflies, pearls and even lights. You can come into any of our Columbus flower shops and help design it. To give you an idea of what these might look like, here are some pictures and descriptions of some of our most popular corsages: Diva with Feathers is an over-the-top corsage with sparkles, feathers, and butterflies along with ribbons and the flower colors of your choice. Daisy Girl Mixed offers a combination of gerbera daisies and regular daisies along with greenery and the fillers of your choice. Blue Passion combines numerous shades of blue with a variety of flowers and ribbons. Rebel is an edgy corsage with texture, metal, and a reusable bracelet. Wild Child Mixed is a corsage with bold flowers, feathers, and a cheetah print ribbon. Purple Passion has numerous hues of purple along with different accents, purple lights, and a [...]

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Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres for Columbus High School Students

Our local high schools are getting ready for the big homecoming game and day, and so are we! Our flower shop and team of designers here in Columbus is ready to create some stunning homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres for the special night.  We use only the freshest flowers available to create a stunning look for your gown or your tuxedo. We understand the importance of offering a value-oriented, high-quality choice for homecoming flowers as well as providing a selection that meets all the individual tastes and preferences out there among the high school set. Columbus Homecoming Corsages Our collection of homecoming corsages includes everything from traditional to contemporary and everything in-between. This includes roses, orchids, carnations, gerbera daisies and more. You can choose whatever flowers you like and we can add some special touches, including rhinestones, ribbons, and greenery. We even have some corsages with tropical flowers that make a real standout among homecoming corsages. You can have a corsage that is pinned to your dress or wear it as a wrist corsage. The design of the dress often drives the type of corsage you select, so go ahead and bring in your dress to our floral design team and they can work with you to design the perfect homecoming corsage, including using complementary ribbons and flower hues that enhance the look of the dress. Columbus Homecoming Boutonnieres Our homecoming boutonnieres are designed to coordinate with the homecoming corsages so all those couples will be perfectly matched between dress, tuxedo, and flowers. We have a wide range of looks that include a single flower or even a double flower for a larger homecoming boutonniere.  It’s a great idea to order both the corsage and the boutonniere together for the homecoming dance. This makes it [...]

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