It’s Houseplant Appreciation Day!

January 10th is officially known as Houseplant Appreciation Day. This is a day to recognize the enormous benefits green and blooming plants offer us, including purer air so it's easier to breathe. Additionally, they offer a natural ambiance to be enjoyed in homes and offices. Our Columbus flower shops and website offer a wide range of plants to choose from, including these from our plant collection: Hello Aloe This aloe vera plant arrives in a contemporary container and offers a beautiful, low-maintenance green plant option for your home or office.  All it needs is some sun and fairly dry conditions. Jade Vibes This is a 6" jade plant arranged in a concrete-style container. This houseplant prefers full sun and does well when the soil is on the drier side. Stylish Green Garden A peace lily and garden ivy are displayed together in a stunning blue and white delft container. It makes for a wonderful and elegant display in the home or office. Three Amigos Succulent Collection This set of green plants includes three assorted succulents each in their own container and finished off with an earthy green moss. You can group them together or display separately. Stylish Garden Ivy Bring the garden indoors with this container of garden ivy. It arrives in a gorgeous blue and white delft container. Charming Peace Lily in Square Deco Container The Peace Lily plant is displayed in a square, slightly mirrored decorative container.  Also known as the spathiphyllum plant, it offers the best of the plant world, with glossy green leaves and bright white flowers. Peace Lily   This is a large Peace Lily that is ideal for placing on the floor in a home or office. It arrives in a wicker basket although other containers are available based [...]

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Going Green on Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 10th has been designated as Houseplant Appreciation Day, which recognizes the beauty in green plants as well as the health benefits they provide in terms of clean air. If you already have green plants or flowering plants, be sure to give them a little extra love today. Or, if you are thinking of getting some, today might be the day! However, many people worry that they lack the green thumb necessary to take care of these plants properly and allow them to live a very long time. That’s why we offer regular advice on our website and blog about how to take care of flowers and plants. Here are some great tips that focus on light, water, temperature, and fertilizer to keep in mind that can be applied to most flowering and green plants: • The majority of houseplants do not like to be placed in direct sunlight because it is too bright and it can burn their leaves. It’s a better idea to give them diffused sunlight, also known as indirect light. This means placing them close to a window or opting to use some artificial lighting. • Plants need water but they don’t need so much that there is standing water that can lead to dry rot. It’s best to check the soil every few days and when the soil feels dry, that’s the time to add a little water to dampen the soil. Placing rocks in the bottom of the plant pot helps create some drainage. • Plants tend to do best in moderate temperatures. That means not too or too cold. A range includes 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day as well as 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit at night. • Plants need food and they get this through what is known [...]

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