Flowers from Flowerama Columbus are a caring gift for the International Day of Friendship

Flowerama Columbus International Day of Friendship provides a good reason for people to gather for a fun time. It also is designed to help all of us appreciate the differences in our cultures and try to unite. What a great time to pick out a lovely flower arrangement professionally prepared by a Flowerama Columbus floral designer. Our arrangements are spectacular and guaranteed to help you impress a special friend. Celebrated on July 30th each year since 2011, International Day of Friendship has become a popular world wide holiday.  There is much diversity in this world with cultures and beliefs. Having an Internationally recognized day for people to stop, celebrate and promote understanding in human differences is valuable. Today, many governments, individuals, and community interest groups work schedule events that are purely designed to foster friendships within their communities and extending outside of their communities.  Parades displaying multiple country flags followed by music festivals hosted by multi cultural bands are very common. If you are looking for some fun things to do on International Day of Friendship, below are a few ideas you can encourage your kids to do. Create a big poster symbolizing all of the values of friendship. Have kids write about what a friend means Make goodie baskets filled with special treats and give them to friends. Make homemade friendship bracelets Create a book filled with photos and stories about your special friendships. Have kids share stories about friends and try to find common things. Have kids create a friendship class book. Of course friendship activities are not just for children but it is a good place to start. Adults can get to together with friends and create strong friendship bonds as well. As you get ready to celebrate this meaningful day, please be [...]