Three great August occasions to send Flowerama Columbus flowers are Senior Citizens Day, Kiss and Make Up Day and Just Because Day

Flowerama Columbus August is full of many special occasions to send flowers from Flowerama Columbus. Take for example the closely occurring events of Senior Citizens Day on 8/21, Kiss and Make Up Day on 8/25 and Just Because Day on 8/27. Any or all of these days are great to send a special person flowers from Flowerama Columbus. World Senior Citizen's Day President Ronald Reagan is credited with the creation of World Senior Citizen's Day in 1988.Ā  He signed the formal proclamation on August 19, 1988. Upon his announcement of the official designation of National Senior Citizen's Day he made these comments: "For all that, they have achieved throughout their lives and for all that they continue to do, we owe our gratitude and sincere greetings to our senior citizens. We can show our gratitude and appreciation better by making sure our communities are good places. Age and maturity, places where older people can participate as much as possible and find the encouragement, acceptance, support and services they need to continue living a life of independence and dignity." Our senior citizens have contributed so much in their many years. This special day is an official way to honor their accomplishments and to raise awareness for the care of the aging. The loving devotion and role modeling these wonderful seniors have provided to their children and other young people they mentored is a lasting blessing. National Kiss and Make Up Day On August 25th, you have the perfect opportunity to end any arguments. And if the someone happens to be your significant other, perhaps a bit of kissing might be in order. From a purely scientific and chemical perspective, studies have shown the kissing releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These are other wise know as feel [...]