Celebrate Chocolate Day and National Sugar Cookie Day with Cheryl’s Cookies

There are some delicious celebratory days coming up here in July. These include Chocolate Day on July 7th and National Sugar Cookie Day on July 9th. To celebrate these special food days in July, consider Cheryl's Cookies, which are locally made here in Ohio and offer a fresh, delicious way for you and special people in your lives to celebrate both Chocolate Day and National Sugar Cookie Day. We offer all types of quantities and flavors. Each cookie is individually wrapped to guarantee freshness. You can buy them by the dozen or get special quantities like a basket of 40.  There are delicious options like chocolate-chocolate cookies with chocolate batter and large chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. Or, you can choose from our buttercream frosted sugar cookies with vanilla, strawberry, lime, lemon and other seasonal flowers. You can even get sugar cookies with no frosting. There are also special Cheryl's Cookies like heart-shaped cookies or those with birthday sprinkles. We can also create special sugar cookie celebrations for an upcoming baby arrival for a baby shower. Our favorites are the combination assortments of Cheryl's Cookies to enjoy and sample many of the flavors available.  The assortment collections may include yummy flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate-chocolate chip, sugar, famous buttercream frosted cut-out cookies and other seasonal favorites. Call or visit our Columbus flower shops to place your Cheryl's Cookie order. For greater convenience, you can also go on our website and order directly from your computer or mobile device for local and national delivery.

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Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day with Cheryl’s Cookies

Celebrated on July 9th, Sugar Cookie Day is all about releasing that inner child to enjoy the sugary-goodness of the traditional treat and share it with those you love on this special occasion day. Sugar cookies came to America around the 1700s when several German settlers showed up in Pennsylvania. They combined sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and sodium bicarbonate to make an easy, yet very delicious, dessert. Since then, the sugar cookie recipe has been adapted with sprinkles, frosting, and even chocolate chips. They also often appear at Christmas with different cut-outs in the shape of holiday symbols. You can celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day by hosting a cookie exchange, making some with friends and family, or ordering up some delicious Cheryl’s Cookies from our website or four Flowerama Columbus flower shops. It's a great -- and delicious -- special day in July along with many others like National Junk Food Day and more. While Cheryl’s Cookies makes many flavors, their sugar cookies are one of our customers’ favorites. This Columbus, Ohio-based company started in 1981 when Cheryl Krueger and her college roommate started to make cookies for sale. With retail stores, catalog, business gift services, Internet and affiliated partners like us, the company has thrived based on its focus on quality, value, and service. We offer Cheryl’s Cookies, including sugar cookies with buttercream frosting, in a range of quantities – from a half dozen up to multiple dozens. We even have Ohio State University-themed sugar cookies. You can mix and match the flavors and enjoy special seasonal choices. We also have a number of keepsake cookie jars, which are a great way to hold Cheryl's Cookies if they last that long or to use later on for homemade sugar cookies that you may make [...]

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