Poinsettia Day is December 12th

Wednesday, December 12th is Poinsettia Day, which is an ideal time to get red, white, or marble-colored poinsettias to display at your home or business or to send as an early Christmas gift to family, friends, colleagues, service personnel, or clients. At our Columbus flower shops and through our website, we have a poinsettia collection that makes it easy and affordable to decorate or gift with this beautiful symbol of Christmas. Here are some ways you can enjoy poinsettias from our Columbus flower shop: Peaceful Poinsettia This large basket includes a peace lily and a poinsettia plant, offering a wonderful gift for a special person or client. It's also a nice decorator item for an office or home during the holiday season. Double Poinsettia Basket Go big with this basket display of two poinsettias planted in six-inch pots. They arrive in a basket with a red velvet bow. Our basket color and style may vary depending on what w have available during the holiday season. Beautiful Six-Inch Poinsettia in a Basket This is a single poinsettia plant in a basket. Poinsettia color and bow color, as well as basket type, may vary. Winter Poinsettia This beautiful arrangement offers a festive poinsettia plant as a gift or decorator item for the holiday season. There's still time to place your order with our Columbus flower shops by phone, in-person, or through our website. And, when you get your poinsettia, there are some easy maintenance things you can do to ensure that it even blooms the next year. For example, since poinsettias are actually considered to be a tropical plant, they do appreciate sunshine so put them in a sunny spot. It also likes fairly warm spots and requires regular watering. Over the summer, you can move the poinsettia [...]

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Holiday Shopping Deals at Flowerama Columbus

We're ready for the holidays and the special holiday shopping days. We'll be open on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday to welcome you at all four of our Columbus flower shops with treats, deals, and a new holiday collection of flowers. We're excited to host as many people as we can in all our stores to enjoy the festivities and holiday cheer. Our Christmas collection is here with highlights available on our website to get you started on your holiday planning for parties, gift giving, and decorating. We have garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, and more to enhance that Christmas dinner, holiday office party, or even winter wedding. We've also got red poinsettia plants and white poinsettia plants for festive cheer to enjoy in the home or office as well as to give as special gifts to colleagues, clients, employees, and service people. Our Columbus flower shops and websites will be packed with great deals that deliver the value you need to make your dollars go farther this holiday season. Right now, you can enjoy an additional $3 off your online order at our website as part of these special shopping days. Don't forget that we also have other special holiday items like numerous holiday cookies from Cheryl's Cookies, including gingerbread and holiday shaped and decorated cookies that are perfect for your own Christmas party or to give as gifts. Please join us this special holiday weekend and shop with those local Columbus small businesses that provide unique products and services as well as offer a personalized shopping experience. We'll see you soon!

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Time for Holiday Cheer with Dazzling Christmas Flowers and Centerpieces

Christmas shopping is in full swing, and stopping by our Columbus flower shop or browsing our online flower shop gives you an easy way to dress your house, office, and holiday table while also finding great festive gifts to send loved ones. This year, we have put together an extraordinary selection of Christmas flowers, holiday centerpieces, and traditional décor like garlands and wreaths. There are a number of flowers and plants associated with Christmas that offer a wonderful way to recognize the reason for the season, including holly, mistletoe, ivy, Christmas roses, Christmas cacti and, of course, the poinsettia plant. We would like to share just a few of the many favorites we offer in this year’s holiday collection, which also already features some great specials and promotional pricing. This means now is the time to order! Mary’s Three Candle Centerpiece features pinecones, holly, noble fir and Christmas greenery along with three candles to add warmth to the Christmas meal. Holiday Blessings is another festive floral centerpiece that has pinecones, red mini carnations, holiday pine and a Christmas candle. A standout among the floral arrangements in the Christmas collection is Peppermint Holiday Surprise. This fun arrangement features stunning flowers and a vase full of peppermint candies.  Glitter & Shine is a festive flower arrangement with white cushion mums, miniature carnations, and Christmas greenery within a shiny red ornament container. Everyone loves poinsettia plants, so the Double Poinsettia Basket features two plants in six-inch pots placed within one basket that has been wrapped with a red velvet bow.  While we have all sizes and shapes of wreaths, one spiritual standout is the Large Cross made from fresh evergreens that is then placed on an easel stand for display. This is great for a church Christmas display [...]

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