Poinsettia Day is December 12th

Wednesday, December 12th is Poinsettia Day, which is an ideal time to get red, white, or marble-colored poinsettias to display at your home or business or to send as an early Christmas gift to family, friends, colleagues, service personnel, or clients. At our Columbus flower shops and through our website, we have a poinsettia collection that makes it easy and affordable to decorate or gift with this beautiful symbol of Christmas. Here are some ways you can enjoy poinsettias from our Columbus flower shop: Peaceful Poinsettia This large basket includes a peace lily and a poinsettia plant, offering a wonderful gift for a special person or client. It's also a nice decorator item for an office or home during the holiday season. Double Poinsettia Basket Go big with this basket display of two poinsettias planted in six-inch pots. They arrive in a basket with a red velvet bow. Our basket color and style may vary depending on what w have available during the holiday season. Beautiful Six-Inch Poinsettia in a Basket This is a single poinsettia plant in a basket. Poinsettia color and bow color, as well as basket type, may vary. Winter Poinsettia This beautiful arrangement offers a festive poinsettia plant as a gift or decorator item for the holiday season. There's still time to place your order with our Columbus flower shops by phone, in-person, or through our website. And, when you get your poinsettia, there are some easy maintenance things you can do to ensure that it even blooms the next year. For example, since poinsettias are actually considered to be a tropical plant, they do appreciate sunshine so put them in a sunny spot. It also likes fairly warm spots and requires regular watering. Over the summer, you can move the poinsettia [...]

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Time to Support Local Columbus Businesses on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

We are in full swing, preparing our holiday floral, plant, and gift collection in time for three upcoming holiday shopping events. Are you ready to come check out what we have to offer in the way of variety and special deals for this holiday? Whether you are celebrating Hanukah or Christmas, we have a beautiful collection for decorating your home or office as well as giving to loved ones, colleagues, or clients. In-Store and Online Holiday Shopping Days Two of these shopping events – Black Friday on November 28th and Small Business Saturday on November 29th – are designed to support local businesses. Our in-store events will shoppers to come in, see what’s new, visit, and get ideas for holiday decorating and gift-giving. The floral design team will be available to answer questions and arrange consultations for custom flower arrangements for gifts and upcoming holiday weddings and events. We also plan to have treats and other goodies available to all customers that visit on these special holiday shopping days. The other popular holiday shopping event is Cyber Monday on December 1st, which also provides a way to work with local businesses like ours in the Columbus area that offer unique items and personalized service. The online flower shop also has special deals and promotions for Cyber Monday as well as features many of the new products and gift ideas from the holiday collection. Each year, we look forward to these holiday shopping events. It gives us an opportunity to see more of our customers and make new friends. These holiday events also encourage everyone to shop locally and help keep the small business owner thriving not to mention boost our local economy. Lastly, the holiday shopping events give us an excuse to get in the [...]

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