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At Botanica Floral Art the single most important aspect of creating your perfect day is not the flowers or the art of design. The single most important aspect is communication. Every decision at Botanica comes after we understand what you want your wedding or event to be. Certainly the flowers are important as well as the skill of the artist creating the design, but none of it matters if it does not meet what you envision. The only way to meet that vision is thru communication.

We offer a free wedding consultation for every new prospective bride. Our professional wedding planners can help you with every step of the process of selecting your flowers, containers, floral theme, color scheme and more. We create some of the most incredibly beautiful bridal bouquets that you have ever seen. Starting with your bouquet, we can custom match each element of the wedding flower package to create the exact atmosphere you are hoping to create for your special event. We can help you make that lasting impression you are trying to achieve on each of the guests that attends your wedding.

Getting the wedding flower package right is mission critical to the overall success of your event. Anything short of perfection for you is just not acceptable. Our wedding team will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the exact flowers and styled arrangements that you want. We have handled hundreds of weddings over the years. In fact, our wedding team has create bridal bouquets, chapel flowers and reception flowers for some of the most prestigious weddings that have been held in the Columbus area.

Operating with a bit tighter budget? No worries. We offer a number of really nice wedding flower packages that will work beautifully for your event. Our team can tailor a package to meet virtually any budget and can handle wedding flowers for any size wedding or event.




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Botanica Floral Art

Botanica Floral Art

Looking for wedding flower packages in Columbus, Ohio? Look no further! We’ve selected some of our favorite events and turned them into packages that you’re able to order right here. Our wedding flower packages tool allows you to select a style that you like, find a price range you can live with, and lock down the date that you need. You can even use our wedding packages tool to estimate pricing even before you’re ready to order.